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Skills & Technologies

The Internet changes quickly but marketing fundamentals remain the same. At Dinkum, we emphasise the following:-

In our line of work, technology and skills are a critical piece of the puzzle. With the correct resources in place, modern marketing offers unparalleled value. Here, in alphabetical order, are some of the core skills and technologies we employ to help our clients achieve outstanding results.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
While we use everything from Expression Engine to homebrewed systems custom-built for unique clients, our favorite CMS is WordPress. It’s ubiquitous (10 million installs), secure, extensible, flexible, intuitive, and incredibly friendly for SEO. In addition to coding clean and fast WordPress sites, we also like to get our hands dirty with plugin development, Thesis, and the customization options that make life easier for us and our clients.

In our office, we’re about evenly split between Blackberries, Androids, and iPhones. We code in two of three (Android and iOS).

Dinkum cut its teeth providing clear, profitable value to clients with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Like consumers, we focus on organic results. We also strategically use paid search with nearly every project. SEO is a fundamental aspect of most of our projects for a simple reason: it makes money. The mindset and activities that produce the best SEO results speak to our core values: a commitment to strategy and research, a reasonable time frame to develop high quality results, and a willingness to engage in extended marketing activities. It’s a true recipe for success.

Platforms: Linux, Windows, CodeIgniter, ASP.NET
When it comes to platforms that run the Internet, there are two major players: Linux and Windows. While we have our preference (LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), we’re well aware that our clients come to us not for ideology but for results. To this end, we have expertise in all of the major technologies including ASP and .NET. When it comes to coding custom apps in PHP, our team loves CodeIgniter.

Web Standards
Our team is committed to web standards and has been since, well…the moment there were web standards. It means we aim to create clean code that validates against all major browsers, our websites are search engine friendly, fast-loading, and look darn good on mobile and other devices. And we approach designs with usability and experience first in our mind.

What We Do

Choose from any of our full menu of highly customized Internet Marketing Services to help you attract new visitors to your website and dramatically increase your sales. We currently serve several successful small to medium businesses and work with many of the best marketers. Find out more about our Services

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