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Felix Widjaja

Senior Web Designer

Felix Widjaja is a Senior Web Designer at Dinkum Interactive. In 2005, his childhood passion for the Internet eventually led Felix to specialize in Website design. Earlier in his career, Felix worked as a cellular telecommunications programmer and systems analyst.

Felix comes to Dinkum through the acquisition of Whiteboard Media where he worked closely with Jacob and Meg Smith since 2007, producing over 50+ high level websites.

Recent Blog Posts

It’s a cold, hard fact: people spend about 4 seconds looking at your website before deciding whether to stay or leave. So how can you hook visitors in that 4 seconds? What’s going on Above The Fold? Above the Fold – or ATF – is a graphic design concept that says the most important information should be visible to a user without them having to scroll down the screen. In newspaper terms, it’s the headline you see before the fold along the middle of the page of a broadsheet. Its purpose is to get your attention so you buy the Read More

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