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Hendrik Ng

Quality Assurance

Hendrik Ng joined Dinkum Interactive in early 2012 as a Quality Assurance expert. Q/A is the process of ensuring the quality of every product by working closely with both the creative and programming teams. Before his Dinkum position, Hendrik worked in the online gaming industry for over 8 years.

Hendrik is a big fan of RC Drifting and often spends 6 hours a week at the track.

Recent Blog Posts

Maintaining a top performing website takes organization, especially if many people are involved. At Dinkum, we complete weekly reports of client websites to make sure we’re on top of, and delivering, optimum sites. Everyone can see where a site is at, and how to make it better. I’m in charge of compiling these weekly reports and believe they’re a great tool to improve websites. Here are my 5 key elements of a website report:- 1. Highlight tasks to be completed We report on any activities that have not been resolved and outline who is responsible for the work. Think of Read More

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