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Kerrilynn Young

Pay Per Click expert

Kerrilynn is our in-house Pay Per Click expert with 5 years of experience in the Interactive Marketing industry. Her experience includes search engine management, email marketing, display advertising and search engine optimization.

She is always up-to-date with industry news and strives to find new and exciting ways to achieve success with every online marketing campaign. Her work at Dinkum includes assisting clients with the development, execution and optimization of paid search campaigns.

Recent Blog Posts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should play an important part in your website’s local and international search campaigns, but it can take time to see results. By using Bing and Google’s PPC programs, companies can build brand awareness abroad and reach foreign customers more quickly. Here are a few tips to build your international profile. 1. Choose your market & think beyond Google By running a few analytics reports, you should be able to determine areas across the globe where you can target potential customers via PPC campaigns. Based on your findings, take a closer look at each area and identify Read More

It’s the dream of most websites – volumes of traffic seeking your product or service. At Dinkum, we use a variety of techniques to drive visitors in your direction and one of the tools we’re getting some great results with is Google Adwords and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies. This is why:- Price: Compared with other online advertising initiatives, Adwords is much cheaper. You don’t have to break the bank getting a campaign underway. Instant Traffic: With PPC, you have the ability to drive traffic to your website instantly. It can take less than an hour to set up your first Read More

If your PPC program is not driving the results you would like, don’t just give up and call it quits.  Test, Test, Test! You should always be testing your keywords, ads and landing pages to determine what drives the best performance. Below is a list of things to consider as you prepare for any sort of test. 1. Start with testing the ad groups that cost the most money, but have the lowest reward. Since you can run an unlimited amount of tests concurrently within Google Adwords, there is no reason not to be testing all the time. This way, Read More

Do you look at your PPC account on a daily basis? Weekly Basis? Or not at all anymore because you can’t bear to see the ever decreasing conversions and increased costs? It’s time to dive deeper and possibly revamp your account. The days are gone where you can just throw up hundreds of keywords and start to see conversions. You need a strategy. These five simple tips should get you well on your way. 1. ALL Brand Terms Should Be Put Into One Campaign Brand terms are exactly what you think: any term that includes your brand name. If they Read More

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