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Paul Fleming

VP of Interactive Services

Paul Fleming is one of the founders of Dinkum Interactive and brings extensive experience in the Online Marketing world with a strong emphasis in Search Engine Optimization. His background in education, communications and marketing have prepared him well for the fast pace of the online world. Nothing pleases him more than seeing a client achieve great success.

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Given that we didn’t put out a single post for ourselves all last year, we’re also running an outdated website (do as we say, not as we do;), and our social channels are sluggish at best, one may be thinking we have gone on extended vacations or just slept through 2016 to avoid all the dramas. Sorry. Nope. We’ve literally just been nose to the grindstone busy that we’ve ignored our own selves. In our effort to pour as much energy into client work we’ve let ourselves go a little. We also turned 10 last year which in business years is Read More

Embracing online marketing for companies who are used to doing it all offline can be daunting. You’re looking around. Getting not insignificant quotes for upgrading your very dated website that you feel really hasn’t brought you any business over the past few years anyway. When it was launched, you thought it would bring customers scrambling for your business/products/service. But it didn’t and fairly quickly you turned your back on it, and kept doing what you know is effective: mailers, trade shows, promotional products, networking, cold calling. You’ve been doing it for years, you know how to do it and you know that it works. Read More

We’ve often seen some unusual referrers coming through on Google Analytics over the years. If you want to have a look at your own, head to the Acquisitions tab on the left side, click on All Traffic then Referrals. You’ll see a list of websites that sent traffic to your own website. Always good to have a look at those on a regular basis as it can reveal some issues, mostly of the spammy kind but sometimes even something more dangerous like malware. Recently we’ve seen some fairly significant traffic from unusual referrers. Nothing necessarily bad but more annoying given that it Read More

We’ve been a little on the quiet side this past year, at least online. Usually we’ll muster a blog post a month plus a smattering of social activity but aside from the random share, definitely quiet. I have a feeling we’ll change that in 2015 but it wasn’t for any particular reason. We understand the challenges of maintaining activity online as well as aligning priorities toward both client activities and internal tools. Also interesting to note that the lack of activity didn’t necessarily impact our own online performance with traffic and conversions up over the previous year. Obviously this means that we could Read More

Since SEO has been around, especially in its early days, there was a large gap in understanding. It’s closed up a lot but certainly still exists. It was not uncommon to hear about someone offering to “SEO optimize your website” for a very small fee. I was often intrigued as to how these people or companies could afford to offer their services for such low rates until I had a the luxury of overseeing a campaign on behalf of a client that I came to learn that they really couldn’t offer their services for such a low rate. The work Read More


SEO Sustainability

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As a long-term strategy, SEO is a good one. You shouldn’t necessarily be expecting that your SEO campaign is going to be an overnight hit (sometimes happens but rare) but you should also expect that the actions you do throughout your campaign, should last a long time and continue to grow. We’ve always appropriately pushed the need to “do it right” when it came to SEO and as a result, our client websites have not been penalized. As an Internet Marketing company, we anticipate a fair amount of client churn with SEO. Sometimes it’s impatience, sometimes it’s bad info from Read More

We made some fairly significant changes in 2012 to accommodate Google. These sort of changes are not really uncommon in our field and interestingly for most of us, none of them were a real surprise but what has occurred this past year, does represent a shift in thinking for many in our industry. A big part of it has been a lack of understanding on many SEO’s part. Using unsustainable practices is just that, unsustainable. They have been able to get away with it for a while now, some figuring the risks were worth it, others just blissfully ignorant that Read More

We do it for our clients and regularly encourage them to look at their data always and often. Reading analytics tells a story about your business online and possibly a little about your business in general so it makes great sense to spend a bit of time with it. Of course we don’t do it as often as we should for ourselves but it’s about this time that I like to have a good look back at our data to see how the year played out online for us. I’m always a little surprised at how well our site does Read More

Nobody’s perfect and no service is perfect, especially in the tech world where new services and offerings are a regular occurrence. Some launches are downright awful – others are groundbreaking. And even the groundbreaking ones were once a work in progress. It’s not uncommon for an Apple product launch to be riddled with issues including battery problems (exploding ones), buggy software, AT&T, The Newton and even the latest Apple maps fiasco. But the company pulls through relatively unscathed. Google has also done a great job. It’s a great foundation product even with a few hiccups along the way (Google Wave Read More

I’ve been watching the Olympics as much as I can. Even with the disappointing TV coverage, it’s hard not to get sucked into the excitement. The talent and obvious hard work of the athletes is impressive and inspirational. One thing that’s struck me during these games is the obsession with getting gold. Silver has brought many to tears and a bronze medal – well, it’s as though they shouldn’t have shown up. For me, just making it to the Olympics is a massive achievement. So, how does this relate to Internet marketing? When it comes to search rankings, it’s generally Read More

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