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Thanks to Malcolm Gladwell for this observation. In his best-selling book, The Tipping Point, he talks about his amusement that on every packet of Ivory soap is a phone number where people with issues or comments can ring in. “Who would bother?” he wonders. Well, it turns out this strategy is the perfect ‘maven trap’ for Ivory soap. Wait a minute, I’m getting ahead of myself. Firstly, if you have called the hotline, I’d love to know what you asked. Just fill in the reply below. Now, I’ll explain what a ‘maven trap’ is and how it could be helpful Read More

I’m a big fan of the radio show, This American Life. Each week, Ira Glass and his team pick a topic and examine it from several perspectives. Like a play, there are several acts that illuminate a story in fresh and surprising ways. It’s long form journalism through voice and week after week, it delivers engaging and thoughtful content. This week, This American Life used an entire show to issue a retraction. In January, the show aired a very powerful, evocative story about exploited Chinese workers who make iPads and iPhones – with graphic descriptions of long hours, underage workers Read More

With more than 100 million views, KONY2012 has certainly captured worldwide attention. Don’t know what I’m talking about? In brief, US-based organization called ‘Invisible Children’ created a thirty minute video and campaign to highlight the plight of Ugandan children stolen from their families and enlisted as child soldiers. The man responsible for the kidnapping and abuse is Joseph Kony, who ranks #1 on the International Criminal Court’s most wanted list. So far, he has evaded capture. Invisible Children has mapped out a campaign to galvanize and inspire all citizens to sign a pledge and lobby cultural influences (movie and music Read More

Sometimes, clients leave. Usually this is not a bitter divorce as much as an amicable parting of ways, often inevitable in the best of working relationships. The reasons are as varied as the clients we work with. Building a professional relationship includes planning for the end so that moving on leaves everyone feeling good about all phases of a project. At Dinkum, we’ve said goodbye to a few clients over the years, yet remain connected with them in one way or another. You never know who you will run into at the next networking event, so you need to stay Read More

Psssst. Want to find out how to get people to do what you want? Silly question. Of course you do. Most of us want to influence behavior in some way – be it increasing web traffic, getting people to buy from you, or to take the action you want. Psychologists and advertisers have created entire professions studying why we do what we do and – most importantly – how to change it. Behavior is complex and sometimes unpredictable so it’s always a challenge. It’s why this study on teen soft drink consumption caught my eye. Soft drinks are being blamed Read More

I’ve just spent the last couple of minutes writing the headline for this blog post. I toyed with:- How to Increase Traffic with a Killer Headline – mmmm Secrets to Writing a Killer Headline – not outcome based How to Increase Traffic To Your Site – boring I decided on “6 Proven Headlines That Spike Traffic” because it sounds doable and includes the outcome of your efforts. Did it get your attention? Headlines are really important in blog posts. It’s often the only part of your blog readers will glance at and if you’ve got the magic words, you’ll get Read More

Best-selling, controversial writer, Bret Easton Ellis, set the Twitterverse alight over the weekend. For around five hours, he mused on what his American Psycho character, Patrick Bateman, might be up to these days and managed to gather fourteen pages of notes from his followers. Ellis tweeted: “1.00 am in LA and sitting at my desk finishing a script and I’m making notes on where Patrick Bateman’s now …” As it happens, I’m currently reading his book ‘Lunar Park’, a deconstructionist look at fame, settling down, self-absorption, American anxiety, and a freaky Terby doll. It’s bold, amusing and, Ellis’ signature style, Read More

Yes, it’s harder to get people’s attention these days, and I generally have two responses. The first is despair at how difficult it is to break through all the noise. But then I remember I can also view this noise as an opportunity – to become even more creative. And think outside the box. I came across an excellent example of this from a couple of fellow Australians. In their search for a job with an advertising agency, Andrew Grinter and Lee Spencer-Michaelsen took a very creative approach. Rather than send their CVs to companies like everybody else, they developed Read More

In the past, when something especially important happened to a client, Dinkum Interactive used to send them a batch of homemade cookies. And they weren’t just any cookies but decorated with the Dinkum Interactive logo. The cookies became one of our more effective marketing tools generating buzz, smiles, feedback and more. For a business like ours that relies on referrals and long-term partnerships, this is a huge asset. Notice that we didn’t send clients a nice email or gift certificate to iTunes. We sent them something “offline” – homemade cookies “just like mom used to make”. A New One to Read More

As the main contact for most of our clients during an ongoing campaign, I’m often asked to tag along with Rick Simmons to meet with prospective clients. We view the sales process as a two way street that’s successful both for the client and for Dinkum. To achieve this, it’s important to get a true sense of what a potential client does, how they do it, and what challenges they face. Two years ago, it was rare to hear a client say “we’re looking to hire an Internet marketing specialist in-house”. Today, it’s very common. Businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and Read More

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