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The engagement with Dinkum proved very fruitful for our company. Not only did we see regular growth month over month, our website became an incredibly valuable lead generator for our company.

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A National B2B company was seeing a moderate amount of traffic to their website but had very little search visibility and engaged with Dinkum to do something about it.  Competitors were doing a much better job at appearing on search results so they wanted to ensure that they were playing in the same pond.


As with all projects Dinkum dug into the data to see what was happening.

Generally traffic was fairly steady with around 7K website visits per month, 50% from Search but majority of those were branded (name of the company) referrals.


Keyword Strategy – there was no intentional keyword strategy so we researched, consulted with the client, checked competitors and made our selection of targeted keywords to implement on the website

Navigation – there were a lot of internal navigation blockages preventing a thorough crawl sitewide. We identified several issues and had their web developer implement.

Off-Site Signals – were quite limited and the industry in general called for better content so a content marketing plan was put in place.


Following the research, preparation and initial implementation, their website saw immediate results (unblocking the navigation would be the primary contributor)

Traffic Data Compared to Previous Period following initial implementation

Traffic compared to the same timeframe in the previous year

The most telling though was the first full year of data when compared to the same time the previous year showed a nice 131% increase.

First full year of data following initial implementation

The next 6 months saw the growth continue via a mixed content strategy that included articles, whitepapers, videos and some low-level social media integration. Targeted keywords climbed, longtail phrases continued to build and grow and their competitors were starting to play catch-up to them.

Past 6 months saw continued growth

The campaign continues to be effective today and has certainly been viewed very favorably by the company involved.

For us, the revelation at the significant impact the navigation had on the site crawl was quite unique. Obviously it has always been something we have ensured was appropriately in place but this was the first real example of a situation that saw significant growth strictly by alleviating the barriers.

We leave you with the overall traffic from non-branded searches from the initial to the current.

Lifetime Non Branded Search Referrals

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