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Nobody’s perfect and no service is perfect, especially in the tech world where new services and offerings are a regular occurrence. Some launches are downright awful – others are groundbreaking. And even the groundbreaking ones were once a work in progress. It’s not uncommon for an Apple product launch to be riddled with issues including battery problems (exploding ones), buggy software, AT&T, The Newton and even the latest Apple maps fiasco. But the company pulls through relatively unscathed. Google has also done a great job. It’s a great foundation product even with a few hiccups along the way (Google Wave Read More

If you use Google services, you likely use a lot of them.  And if you’re like me and my colleagues/friends and many clients, you might even have a few identities with big old friendly (free) ‘goog.  Your personal gmail address, your Google Apps for Business account, etc. I use four Google Apps email accounts each day, and prefer the online version.  So I was more than a bit miffed when I noticed one result of Google’s recent warnings that they had transitioned my account to their new infrastructure (which is intended to help tie together all of those fancy Google applications Read More

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