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Embracing online marketing for companies who are used to doing it all offline can be daunting. You’re looking around. Getting not insignificant quotes for upgrading your very dated website that you feel really hasn’t brought you any business over the past few years anyway. When it was launched, you thought it would bring customers scrambling for your business/products/service. But it didn’t and fairly quickly you turned your back on it, and kept doing what you know is effective: mailers, trade shows, promotional products, networking, cold calling. You’ve been doing it for years, you know how to do it and you know that it works. Read More

We’ve been a little on the quiet side this past year, at least online. Usually we’ll muster a blog post a month plus a smattering of social activity but aside from the random share, definitely quiet. I have a feeling we’ll change that in 2015 but it wasn’t for any particular reason. We understand the challenges of maintaining activity online as well as aligning priorities toward both client activities and internal tools. Also interesting to note that the lack of activity didn’t necessarily impact our own online performance with traffic and conversions up over the previous year. Obviously this means that we could Read More

It’s 2013 and all bets are off when it comes to SEO tweaks and tricks. With a new year comes new strategies, and at the moment it’s all about producing high quality content. I’m talking about that head turning, juicy, delicious content you can’t help but sink your teeth into. The type of content even your competitors would link to. Content that’s guaranteed to get tons of comments and hundreds of shares on social media. At the same time, you have to produce a lot of it, and do it fast. As a result, content creators are drawing blanks. It’s Read More

The “SEO Business” is tougher and more complex making it difficult to build successful campaigns. These days, it’s more like making a seven tiered wedding cake than a batch of Betty Crocker brownies. Return on Investment?  Prove it! In addition to the complexity in building and maintaining awesome campaigns is the difficulty in pricing our services. When I joined the Dinkum team about three years ago, we measured goals in terms of “ROI” (return on investment) to ensure the client made a clear return from the money spent on our services. It usually sealed the deal, since other SEO’s didn’t Read More

We made some fairly significant changes in 2012 to accommodate Google. These sort of changes are not really uncommon in our field and interestingly for most of us, none of them were a real surprise but what has occurred this past year, does represent a shift in thinking for many in our industry. A big part of it has been a lack of understanding on many SEO’s part. Using unsustainable practices is just that, unsustainable. They have been able to get away with it for a while now, some figuring the risks were worth it, others just blissfully ignorant that Read More

As usual it’s been another crazy year in the Internet Marketing space.  So, what happened this year? A lot, of course. However the biggest event in our minds as we look back over a year dotted with Gangnam style and Mars Rover landings is the death of the term (and likely the job title and profession) of “SEO.”  The phrase “SEO” – long a staple of people like us – seems to have been hit hard and is likely headed to the dumpster of archaic, outdated terms that used be meaningful, but now just don’t make sense. May it rest in peace. Read More

We do it for our clients and regularly encourage them to look at their data always and often. Reading analytics tells a story about your business online and possibly a little about your business in general so it makes great sense to spend a bit of time with it. Of course we don’t do it as often as we should for ourselves but it’s about this time that I like to have a good look back at our data to see how the year played out online for us. I’m always a little surprised at how well our site does Read More

If you’re in the internet marketing space, you’ll instantly know what I mean: the game is getting harder. We’ve gone from the days of adding the right keywords to the top of your page to a landscape where you have to DO something to capture the interest of your audience. This is no small task, especially when everyone I know has 4 devices on their desk and 12 open tabs on their browser. Don’t believe me? What can you remember from your last month on the internet? What stood out? Here’s what I remember or found compelling enough to share: Read More

It’s generally not a smart idea to begin a company blogpost with a political opinion quote, but today I’m throwing caution to the wind to make this point: perfection ain’t all that it’s made up to be. New York Times opinion writer, Tom Friedman, describes the world as flatter, faster, and hotter than it used to be. Why? Technology. Technology (and globalization) have broken down physical and economic barriers, making it possible for teammates to be on opposites sides of the world as much as across town. Writing about the recent political conventions, he considers President Obama’s comments that “if Read More

Kermit, Miss Piggy, the Great Gonzo — the Muppets are more than colorful characters on our screens. They offer helpful insights into how to get the most from Internet marketing. Let me explain. Chaos Muppets vs Order Muppets In Slate.com, Dahlia Lithwick takes an irreverent look at the Supreme Court justices according to Muppet Theory, which is a reworking of ideas formalized by the great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s in the 1860s. According to Nietzsche, the creative process requires a balance between order and chaos (he called it Apollonian vs Dionysian). By the way, Lithwick got 80,000 Facebook likes for Read More

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