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Maintaining a top performing website takes organization, especially if many people are involved. At Dinkum, we complete weekly reports of client websites to make sure we’re on top of, and delivering, optimum sites. Everyone can see where a site is at, and how to make it better. I’m in charge of compiling these weekly reports and believe they’re a great tool to improve websites. Here are my 5 key elements of a website report:- 1. Highlight tasks to be completed We report on any activities that have not been resolved and outline who is responsible for the work. Think of Read More

As a client facing member of the Dinkum team, I am sometimes called upon to discuss SEO with clients. Most often I am answering questions on basic concepts, which clients who have recently signed on want to understand. Sometimes I chat over the same things with clients who have been around for a while, but never quite grasped some of the concepts.  Most clients understand the research phase, where we delve into the internet space where the client is, or wants to be  visible, dissect the competition, and get intimate with hundreds of keyword phrases. By the time we have Read More

The story goes like this:  web designer meets plugin, crafted with loving care by a freelance web developer.  Designer downloads said plugin.  It works great!  Solves the problem!  Does really useful and awesome things.  So the designer uses it on dozens of sites that he builds for clients big and small.  Designer clicks on “donate $5 to plugin developer” button only once or maybe forgot to do it altogether, so freelance open-source plugin coder stops supporting it after 3 years.  Chaos ensues when WordPress upgrades PHP minimum requirements. While you may not have heard this story over dinner, it’s a Read More

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Choose from any of our full menu of highly customized Internet Marketing Services to help you attract new visitors to your website and dramatically increase your sales. We currently serve several successful small to medium businesses and work with many of the best marketers. Find out more about our Services

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