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It’s the dream of most websites – volumes of traffic seeking your product or service. At Dinkum, we use a variety of techniques to drive visitors in your direction and one of the tools we’re getting some great results with is Google Adwords and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies. This is why:- Price: Compared with other online advertising initiatives, Adwords is much cheaper. You don’t have to break the bank getting a campaign underway. Instant Traffic: With PPC, you have the ability to drive traffic to your website instantly. It can take less than an hour to set up your first Read More

This falls into the category of jaw-dropping ‘trend watch’. Heard of Coachella? It’s a music and arts festival held in Indio, CA that crosses many genres – rock, indie, hip hop and electronic – and has a reputation for pushing boundaries and trying new things. On Sunday night, it set the crowds and the Twittersphere alight. To the 100,000 in the audience, it appeared as though dead rapper, Tupac Shakur, was performing on stage. How? Though the magic of hologram. It was quite a resurrection. It looks amazing, if a little bit video game-ish. You can watch it below – Read More

The web often has a “flavor of the month” platform. Some stick around, others fall by the wayside. The latest biggie is visual sharing website Pinterest which has proven to be a geek gals BFF. While female dominated (there are some guy’s versions, my favorite being gentlemint.com), adoption of the system has been significant and, as Internet Marketers, it’s useful to ask if it has value for our clients. Often one of the first things we look at is SEO benefit. We know that backlinks are a valuable commodity and initially Pinterest offered great value. Recently however, they adjusted their Read More

Pinterest is taking the world by storm. Even my mother asked me to invite her to the service which, to me, shows that the service has gone mainstream. Pinterest, for those uninitiated, is the latest Social Media hotspot where users post images from websites that they like onto so-called “Boards”. At first glance, it’s a site popular with women. But men have also found a place on the network, along with companies and marketing agencies. If you want to engage with this community, here are my top tips to help you get started. Use the “Pin It” bookmarklet for easy Read More

As the main contact for most of our clients during an ongoing campaign, I’m often asked to tag along with Rick Simmons to meet with prospective clients. We view the sales process as a two way street that’s successful both for the client and for Dinkum. To achieve this, it’s important to get a true sense of what a potential client does, how they do it, and what challenges they face. Two years ago, it was rare to hear a client say “we’re looking to hire an Internet marketing specialist in-house”. Today, it’s very common. Businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, and Read More

There’s a new social media platform that’s broken through the pack. It’s called ‘Pinterest’ and works like a virtual pin board. See a cute picture or image you want to share? Easy. Simply ‘pin’ it to Pinterest and others can see it and share it. It seems everyone loves a photo. The platform is easy to use with visual content currently focused on cute animals, fashion, food, weddings, and home décor. Here’s how it looks. The question for Dinkum Interactive clients is – should you get on the virtual pin board? Firstly, some figures. Unique visitors to Pinterest grew 400% Read More

I’ve been recommending WordPress as a stable and yet fast-moving CMS to clients for years. The first few times I was surprised to get pushback about those shaky “open source” projects that fail after a few years (anyone remember the darling of the first tech boom – osCommerce?).  After a dozen times of receiving this question, I’ve since heard a zillion variations like: “isn’t WordPress just for bloggers” or “I’ve heard WordPress is not suited for a site with more than 30 pages” or “what about all those security issues from 1997?” Many times over the years I’ve given an Read More

If you live on the internet and do not happen to spend all of your time on Facebook, you may have noticed that the web is getting a bit of a redesign lately.  I’m referring to the half dozen web properties that have either been released or updated by Google in just the last two months.  Pretty interesting when you recognize that Google lived for years as one of the most basic and “design free” companies on the web: its search engine was the definition of minimalist, the focus was on information pure and simple. However, as people spend more Read More

It’s important that we adjust the press release enough to differentiate between our distribution and theirs. It’s not that we don’t care how many people read the press release; in fact, we encourage it, but this is not our primary objective. We want incoming links. We want controlled anchor text. Increased visibility is merely an added bonus.

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