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During the last few months, Dinkum has been working with its favorite business consultant Steve Smolinsky to help move the dial on our growing company from “good” to “great.”  To call Steve a consultant, however, is a bit of a bland misnomer – he’s more of an entrepreneurial Yoda, nurturing our startup-inspired energies into grand master skills that drive success in our business and for our customers.  Yup, he’s that good. A big component of Steve’s system (called EOS – Entrepreneurial Operating System) is learning how to run a great meeting.  Sound boring?  Well, it’s actually not!  Most of us Read More

When I was a young musician, my teacher insisted that I read “The Inner Game of Tennis.” I was skeptical at first, but in the end, it was far easier to digest and relate the game of tennis to my musical life than the contents of any musician’s manual. The following post is a dead giveaway of the amount of time I spend in the kitchen. However, just as with tennis and music, there is an easy correlation between cooking a delicious meal and executing a successful online marketing effort. Below, I’ve outlined five elements through which I attempt to Read More

A recent article  in the Philadelphia Inquirer got me thinking. What are those who consider themselves part of internet marketings’ elite doing to help out the folks coming up who have never experienced life without computers and the internet? I ask this question because I had the opportunity to discover what the next generation of marketers need, and how much we need to put ourselves out there to help. If you’d like to read the original article, check it out here.   The article talks about a great guy named Christian Kunkel.  For the past two years, he has been Read More

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