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When a friend was awarded ‘Tech Of The Quarter’ by his employer, he redeemed his prize as a Staples gift card and planned to use it to get a new cell phone he’d seen on their website. A few days later, with gift card in hand, my friend visited Staples to make his purchase. He was surprised to find they didn’t stock the phone he wanted in store and was told he could order it online and that they would be happy to place the order for him. It wasn’t ideal – delayed gratification isn’t as much fun – but Read More

During the week before Christmas, I had some free time, so I went to the local mall and did some window shopping.  I was browsing the sales for Lands End clothing in Sears, when I heard, over the store intercom, “Code 2, Lands End area.” I looked around for firemen or security personnel, and seeing neither, I browsed for another 15 minutes, hearing the same page a couple of more times. As I neared the register with my intended purchase, the customer standing there was expressing her displeasure with something. She was not loud nor rude, just stating her case. Read More

An ability to get inside your customer’s head and understand them is an important part of the sales process. In understanding them, you can anticipate their needs and solve their problems. Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest signing up for a psychology course because there’s an easier way to read their minds. And that’s to use personas. A persona is simply creating a fictional customer profile. In Dinkum’s case, we might imagine a small business owner that sells Christmas trees. For many years the owner sold Christmas trees through stores but now, they’ve noticed more people want to order Read More

This is a concept that we preach often at Dinkum, and most often we are referring to which social media channels might be best employed by the businesses we work with. There is no point in being on Twitter if all of your potential customers are on LinkedIn. This weekend, I was presented with a unique twist on this phrase.  As I was running errands on Saturday morning, I pulled into the local gasoline station for a fill up. Since I live in New Jersey, I get to pop the release on the gas tank cover, roll down my window Read More

Someone walks into your store and you ask if they need help. ‘I’m just browsing’, they respond. After a bit of a look around, they leave empty handed. Is this what’s happening with your website? Do plenty of people visit but no one is buying? You need the Dinkum treatment. Step One: Identify the Right Customer The right customer or client is the one that wants what you’ve got and that you enjoy working for and selling to. It’s about matching their needs with your skill-set. Dinkum begins this process by performing an audit, writing a change document, constructing a Read More

As much as I like to think I’m immune from it, first impressions still count in the real world – and not just in the virtual world! Some Background Certainly, the importance of a virtual “front door” is something I tell our clients about every day. “Your website is like your front door” is a common enough phrase for me to lay upon the unsuspecting website owner who has forgotten to update their copyright date or change the news in the sidebar for a few months/years.  ”If your front door looked this way,” my narrative goes, “you’d either fix it Read More

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