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We’ve been a little on the quiet side this past year, at least online. Usually we’ll muster a blog post a month plus a smattering of social activity but aside from the random share, definitely quiet. I have a feeling we’ll change that in 2015 but it wasn’t for any particular reason. We understand the challenges of maintaining activity online as well as aligning priorities toward both client activities and internal tools. Also interesting to note that the lack of activity didn’t necessarily impact our own online performance with traffic and conversions up over the previous year. Obviously this means that we could Read More

Since SEO has been around, especially in its early days, there was a large gap in understanding. It’s closed up a lot but certainly still exists. It was not uncommon to hear about someone offering to “SEO optimize your website” for a very small fee. I was often intrigued as to how these people or companies could afford to offer their services for such low rates until I had a the luxury of overseeing a campaign on behalf of a client that I came to learn that they really couldn’t offer their services for such a low rate. The work Read More

As usual it’s been another crazy year in the Internet Marketing space.  So, what happened this year? A lot, of course. However the biggest event in our minds as we look back over a year dotted with Gangnam style and Mars Rover landings is the death of the term (and likely the job title and profession) of “SEO.”  The phrase “SEO” – long a staple of people like us – seems to have been hit hard and is likely headed to the dumpster of archaic, outdated terms that used be meaningful, but now just don’t make sense. May it rest in peace. Read More

I’ve been watching the Olympics as much as I can. Even with the disappointing TV coverage, it’s hard not to get sucked into the excitement. The talent and obvious hard work of the athletes is impressive and inspirational. One thing that’s struck me during these games is the obsession with getting gold. Silver has brought many to tears and a bronze medal – well, it’s as though they shouldn’t have shown up. For me, just making it to the Olympics is a massive achievement. So, how does this relate to Internet marketing? When it comes to search rankings, it’s generally Read More

The phrase ‘Art and Science‘ can aptly be applied to many things. Consider parenting, as an example.  There is no shortage of books on the science of parenting. Expectant parents can read them and commit them to memory, and some of the information is actually useful. The art of parenting involves getting to know the child that is yours and figuring out what actually works for them to feed, nurture, educate and civilize them to be productive members of society. We can apply this to Search Engine Optimization, too, as was nicely done in an article on Search Engine Watch called Read More

We recently mentioned that Google announced that they will be encrypting Search for Google users who are logged into their accounts and we are now starting to see some real impact from that. Some clients are being affected more than others. Ultimately it’s not a huge issue. Yes it’s absolutely annoying and frustrating but not the end of the world kind of stuff. If you’re the type who likes to go into their analytics account or you may notice on some of our reports that one of your keyword search referrals says (not provided). Some may have more for this Read More

For the uninitiated, Google has this algorithm that they use to judge the value of websites and to rank them accordingly. They’ve done a pretty good job of it too. It’s not perfect of course, there are plenty of poor search results, folks who game the system, poor quality websites that rank well, but for a while now, it’s been the best one out there and its popularity speaks to that. So as part of their effort to continue evolving, they make regular adjustments to this algorithm. Sometimes those adjustments are a little more significant than others. There’s actually a Read More

Matt Mullenweg, during his recent “State of the Word” presentation, fielded a number of interesting concepts that are driving development priorities for the ubiquitous open source software.   The most intriguing, to me, was that of desire paths (wikipedia definition here), which Matt referenced to show how Automattic was watching the trends in plugins and themes to see what features were most in demand or lacking from WordPress. This concept makes perfect sense for application development, but it’s also a great similitude for how we approach SEO.  While I’m not an SEO expert (that title belongs to our resident Paul Fleming), Read More

Someone walks into your store and you ask if they need help. ‘I’m just browsing’, they respond. After a bit of a look around, they leave empty handed. Is this what’s happening with your website? Do plenty of people visit but no one is buying? You need the Dinkum treatment. Step One: Identify the Right Customer The right customer or client is the one that wants what you’ve got and that you enjoy working for and selling to. It’s about matching their needs with your skill-set. Dinkum begins this process by performing an audit, writing a change document, constructing a Read More

When we search, we expect the right results straight away. When we get to a website, we expect to be able to find what we are looking for immediately and if not, easily. So it seems that a lot of clients expect instant results from their SEO campaign as well. As Abe Lincoln appropriately suggests “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

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