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As a long-term strategy, SEO is a good one. You shouldn’t necessarily be expecting that your SEO campaign is going to be an overnight hit (sometimes happens but rare) but you should also expect that the actions you do throughout your campaign, should last a long time and continue to grow. We’ve always appropriately pushed the need to “do it right” when it came to SEO and as a result, our client websites have not been penalized. As an Internet Marketing company, we anticipate a fair amount of client churn with SEO. Sometimes it’s impatience, sometimes it’s bad info from Read More

As usual it’s been another crazy year in the Internet Marketing space.  So, what happened this year? A lot, of course. However the biggest event in our minds as we look back over a year dotted with Gangnam style and Mars Rover landings is the death of the term (and likely the job title and profession) of “SEO.”  The phrase “SEO” – long a staple of people like us – seems to have been hit hard and is likely headed to the dumpster of archaic, outdated terms that used be meaningful, but now just don’t make sense. May it rest in peace. Read More

Nobody’s perfect and no service is perfect, especially in the tech world where new services and offerings are a regular occurrence. Some launches are downright awful – others are groundbreaking. And even the groundbreaking ones were once a work in progress. It’s not uncommon for an Apple product launch to be riddled with issues including battery problems (exploding ones), buggy software, AT&T, The Newton and even the latest Apple maps fiasco. But the company pulls through relatively unscathed. Google has also done a great job. It’s a great foundation product even with a few hiccups along the way (Google Wave Read More

Analytics has always been an important part of what we do. It’s the foundation of our campaigns whether for an SEO strategy, PPC or website redesign project. Analytics tell us a lot about what we do, who our client really is (sometimes more than our client does), helps us plan, helps us adjust and ultimately guides us. It can do a lot or it can do a little depending on how you use it. We have our favorite customizations to help us work more efficiently. Personally, I’m a fan of things “at a glance” and the Dashboard section has been Read More

It’s the dream of most websites – volumes of traffic seeking your product or service. At Dinkum, we use a variety of techniques to drive visitors in your direction and one of the tools we’re getting some great results with is Google Adwords and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies. This is why:- Price: Compared with other online advertising initiatives, Adwords is much cheaper. You don’t have to break the bank getting a campaign underway. Instant Traffic: With PPC, you have the ability to drive traffic to your website instantly. It can take less than an hour to set up your first Read More

Last year, it was Panda. Now, it’s Penguin. Both are cute black and white animals, but also the names of Google’s changes to its algorithm that determine search results. It’s part of an effort to remove spammy websites and systems set up to game them, and fighting techniques well-known to the SEO community as gray/black hat activities (against Google’s guidelines). It includes keyword stuffing, link schemes, cloaking and duplicate content amongst other things. Dinkum has found that following Google’s guidelines is good business practice. Occasionally there is the need for workarounds to get our client the best exposure possible but certainly never Read More

In a recent blog post, I discussed the evolution of Dinkum Interactive. I argued this evolution has come about because of the growing maturity of the industry and the value we want to give our clients. Some misunderstood this as denouncing the value of SEO which is not true at all. As an Internet Marketing channel, SEO is alive, well and thriving. I’m very happy doing strictly SEO campaigns and we still have plenty of legacy clients who benefit from that single channel approach. That said, there are certainly frustrations with SEO campaigns because it limits your ability to control Read More

Blogging is an important component in most Internet marketing strategies. And since you’re making the effort to write them, why not ensure they’re read by the audience you want to attract. I came across some excellent suggestions from Bamidele Onibalusi of YoungPrePro to help you make your blog magnetic. 1. Have a Clearly Defined Point of Difference You are unique. Your take on your product or service is unique. But have you clearly identified this point of difference? As Onibalusi suggests: “Take a look at your blog and ask yourself one simple question: what is the first thing I want my Read More

In case you didn’t know already, the days of applying single tools in Internet marketing are long gone. You can no longer just use SEO, or PPC or blogs to attract your ideal audience. The trick is to create the right mix. Yes, it would be great if you could follow a recipe, Martha Stewart-style. But the best results come from creating your very own concoction. So, how do you work out the right mix? Fortunately, Internet marketing allows you to test what works with your target audience. You can experiment with email marketing campaigns, keywords, search marketing, pay-per-click, article Read More

The phrase ‘Art and Science‘ can aptly be applied to many things. Consider parenting, as an example.  There is no shortage of books on the science of parenting. Expectant parents can read them and commit them to memory, and some of the information is actually useful. The art of parenting involves getting to know the child that is yours and figuring out what actually works for them to feed, nurture, educate and civilize them to be productive members of society. We can apply this to Search Engine Optimization, too, as was nicely done in an article on Search Engine Watch called Read More

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