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Website Management

The web constantly changes and the best strategy is to change with it. Our primary CMS platform WordPress is constantly improving and keeping pace with it alone can be challenging which is why we’ve established a process for tackling this on an ongoing basis.

WordPress Monitoring + Care Package = $250/mo

With a monthly care package, you’ll be assured that someone is keeping their eye on your website. We’ll get downtime alerts, monitoring traffic, website speed and any other applicable metric. If you spot an issue on your website, depending on how significant it is, we’ll most likely just take care of it.

Use our resources to help manage you online presence. With our own team of web developers and designers, let our experience guide your website to perform to its full potential. You have a vision for your website? Allow us to fulfill that vision. We make things happen to allow you to focus on what you need to focus on.

We also offer set hour packages including 10, 20 and 25 hours and with our full complement of resources at your disposal you have an opportunity to get what you need. Contact us today.

What We Do

Choose from any of our full menu of highly customized Internet Marketing Services to help you attract new visitors to your website and dramatically increase your sales. We currently serve several successful small to medium businesses and work with many of the best marketers. Find out more about our Services

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