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Know what is happening with your Website with Web Analytics

Know what is happening with your Website with Web Analytics

Know what is happening with your Website with Web Analytics

Strategic business decisions need to be based on hard data rather than guesses or instinct. Therefore, you need to know how visitors find their way to your website. Even more importantly, you need to know the source of those visitors who ultimately “convert” (purchase, download, register, call or perform the action that’s the ultimate objective of your website). You need to know how much it costs to deliver and convert each visitor. And you need to know which campaign or strategy returns the highest ROI.

To provide you with all the necessary data and analysis you need to make informed marketing decisions, Dinkum offers our professional data analysis services using your own analytics tool or our choice of Analytics providers. For small businesses, we recommend the free Google Analytics, a robust analytics software we can help you set up. You can use it to measure and maximize your results by breaking down your website statistics to a granular level and organizing the data into practical categories that have real meaning to your business. Here are just a few examples:

  • Cost per visitor by search engine and by keyword
  • Cost per conversion by search engine and by keyword
  • ROI on pay-per-click buys by search engine and by keyword
  • ROI on natural search results by search engine and by keyword
  • Many more…

After a thorough review of your Web analytics, your Dinkum campaign management team regularly advises you on which search engine marketing services are best meeting your goals. We recommend which keywords to drop, which terms to test in their place, when to begin phasing out pay per click buys and when to rely on natural search results. It’s never a decision you have to make on your own. We use our expertise and industry knowledge to provide you with reliable guidance all throughout your campaign.

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