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Vitamins or Painkillers?

February 17th, 2012 In categories Dinkum

Is your product or service a ‘vitamin’ or a ‘painkiller’? Let me explain. Vitamins are ‘nice to have’ whereas painkillers are a ‘must have’. People pay for painkillers. I know the analogy is a little shaky because vitamins are thought of as ‘good for you’ whereas painkillers are potentially addictive. But the terminology is arresting because it makes you focused on what you want. And that’s customers who are desperate for what you’ve got. Let me elaborate.

1. Know Your Offering

It could be that your product or service only has ‘vitamin’ qualities. If this is case, the marketing has to reveal how your offering makes life easier or better. Most people don’t need a new TV – it would be nice, but not essential. But with the right sell, your vitamin can become a painkiller. Your TV is bigger, brighter, better. Which leads me to the next point.

2. Be Clear About Your Value Proposition

Sometimes it’s a matter of explaining your value, or a product’s value, to a customer. You might know your product or service is a painkiller, but your customers don’t. In fact, this is a common issue. You are so close to your product you assume that everyone knows how great it is. At this point, step into the imaginary mind of your target customer. What are their key concerns and problems? And how do you solve these problems?

3. Vitamins Can Become Painkillers

Your product or service could start out as a vitamin and then become a painkiller. Consider the situations in which your service becomes the perfect solution to a problem. In the case of Dinkum, we’re ideally suited to small-to-medium enterprises that aren’t big enough to hire someone internally, but busy enough to contract specialist Internet marketing help. When a company reaches a certain size and turnover, we know we can add value which is reflected in our marketing. And when you see results, Dinkum is a painkiller.

4. Offer a Taste

Ice-cream sellers know this approach. Not sure which flavor to pick? Have a little taste, and who doesn’t want more? Your offering could become a painkiller once your customer has a ‘taste’ or sample. Hopefully, the experience is so helpful, interesting and problem-solving, they’ll be back for more.

So, before your next pitch, work out if you’ve got the red pill or the blue pill.

Photo Credit: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/497584

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