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It’s generally not a smart idea to begin a company blogpost with a political opinion quote, but today I’m throwing caution to the wind to make this point: perfection ain’t all that it’s made up to be. New York Times opinion writer, Tom Friedman, describes the world as flatter, faster, and hotter than it used to be. Why? Technology. Technology (and globalization) have broken down physical and economic barriers, making it possible for teammates to be on opposites sides of the world as much as across town. Writing about the recent political conventions, he considers President Obama’s comments that “if Read More

It’s a cold, hard fact: people spend about 4 seconds looking at your website before deciding whether to stay or leave. So how can you hook visitors in that 4 seconds? What’s going on Above The Fold? Above the Fold – or ATF – is a graphic design concept that says the most important information should be visible to a user without them having to scroll down the screen. In newspaper terms, it’s the headline you see before the fold along the middle of the page of a broadsheet. Its purpose is to get your attention so you buy the Read More

During the process of getting to know a new client, and providing him with the early deliverables for his SEO campaign, he had a simple request.  Could we meet in person instead of by phone to discuss the project progress to date, and give him some help understanding the ‘jargon’ we used in the reports? Jargon? Upon reviewing his report, I saw that there are numerous places where we indicate that there is an action item associated with a particular section of the site, without fully explaining what or where the item in question resides or even if it can Read More

Last year, around this time, I wrote one of my first posts for the Dinkum Interactive blog entitled “Dissecting the Project Kickoff Call.”   It was my take on the important things to accomplish when holding an initial phone call with a new client and is a good example of how our company has evolved throughout the past year. To refresh your memory, the key goals I outlined for a kickoff call were: To form personal relationships with the client team members To articulate the process that would drive the project To set a firm date for the next communication Read More

Writing Your First Plugin for WordPress: A Primer One of the great things about WordPress is the possibility to add your own custom functions/processes/enhancements without “touching” the core system. It is what we call a “plugin”. The WordPress definition of a plugin is as follows: “A WordPress Plugin is a program, or a set of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, that adds a specific set of features or services to the WordPress weblog, which can be seamlessly integrated with the weblog using access points and methods provided by the WordPress Plugin Application Program Interface (API).” Read More

An outdated copyright speaks volume to the care and craft of a website – and as marketing becomes ever more “multi-channel”, maintaining a high level of quality control is incredibly important to your brand and to your long-term marketing success.

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