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When managing large WordPress websites that contain thousands of posts, pages, categories, comments, and hundreds of authors, there are times when you need to make extensive changes. For instance, you might need to convert all the posts under a certain category into pages, or remove all the comments marked as spam. Rather than spend hours, you can run a few database queries. WordPress saves almost everything into a database (generally MySql). But be careful. ALWAYS do a backup before executing SQL queries into your database. This will prevent headaches – trust me. It takes a few minutes, and it will Read More

In the past, when something especially important happened to a client, Dinkum Interactive used to send them a batch of homemade cookies. And they weren’t just any cookies but decorated with the Dinkum Interactive logo. The cookies became one of our more effective marketing tools generating buzz, smiles, feedback and more. For a business like ours that relies on referrals and long-term partnerships, this is a huge asset. Notice that we didn’t send clients a nice email or gift certificate to iTunes. We sent them something “offline” – homemade cookies “just like mom used to make”. A New One to Read More

WordPress plugin upgrades are a fact of life for any website administrator and staying up-to-date with the latest software versions is something I recommend. Ever since WordPress made it one-click easy to update plugins (and even the WordPress core) a few years back, many have been lulled into complacency – updating the easy way without proper backups and testing. In fact, many leading WordPress hosts (likepage.ly) are now in the habit of updating plugins automatically. I was reminded of this when upgrading one of my favorite little plugins, Redirector by Ralf Hortt. This plugin does an amazing job in allowing Read More

Through our connection with hosting company Voxel dot Net we sometimes get a call to help out with things that don’t directly relate to hosting.  A few months back, such a call came in the form of MjsBigBlog.com.  MJ runs a great blog focusing on American Idol and other reality TV shows, and the magic of her blog is her highly active community.  In the past year or two they’ve contributed about 1.1 million comments (those are the approved  and registered users, mind you – not all the spam comments the rest of us get!).  Whew! Moving to Disqus After Read More

I’ve been recommending WordPress as a stable and yet fast-moving CMS to clients for years. The first few times I was surprised to get pushback about those shaky “open source” projects that fail after a few years (anyone remember the darling of the first tech boom – osCommerce?).  After a dozen times of receiving this question, I’ve since heard a zillion variations like: “isn’t WordPress just for bloggers” or “I’ve heard WordPress is not suited for a site with more than 30 pages” or “what about all those security issues from 1997?” Many times over the years I’ve given an Read More

We have been chatting about various changes that make your WordPress site more useful for your viewers. Today, we will look at adding a custom logout link into your theme or plugin, so users can close their sessions. This is not complicated. Lets see how to do it: <pre lang=”php”> <a href=”<?php echo wp_logout_url(); ?>”>Logout</a> </pre> If we want to show the logout link only when the user is logged in. We can do the following: <pre lang=”php”> <!–?php if (is_user_logged_in()):?–> <a href=”<?php echo wp_logout_url(); ?>”>Logout</a> <!–?php endif; ?–> </pre> WordPress is a powerful tool that becomes even more powerful Read More

We have been talking in previous posts, about the relevance of the readme.txt file, when you want to put put your plugin into the WordPress plugin directory. This is the text that explains about your plug in, answers common questions, thanks others for their input, and other like information. Sometimes, especially at the beginning, writing this file can be quite hard, because it can have a lot of information. So, to avoid this problem, there is a cool tool (one of many) which we can use. It is a very easy form, where you can fill the things you want, Read More

We are developing a big plugin with a big xmlrpc interface, and sometimes it’s hard to test your functions, and see what are the results. Googling a bit I found a very cool tool. It’s open source so you can download it and test it, or even better, you can edit and add the things you need! It’s really easy to use, you need to input your site url, and the function you want to call (with or without parameters), and run it! You will get the results (or an error), just below the function. To use it, you can Read More

Have you ever gotten really stuck working with an application that is supposed to be easy, to the point that you want to rip your hair out or throw your Macbook Pro out of the window? Well, save for the MacBook Pro destruction aspect (that’s another story, relating to OSX Lion upgrades crashing my favorite applications), I was recently frustrated by my favorite little “easy to use” application: WordPress. I was working with a client site – it sits on a dedicated server, so it was a very controlled environment and all was running smoothly. The only issue was that Read More

WordPress is the single most commonly used CMS and blogging platform in the world, running over 18 million sites as of this writing (current stats here). Possibly more striking is that people actually use their WordPress sites! Today, for example, 486,000 posts were written and 400,000,000 words were cobbled together in about 120 languages (that’s three times the number of words in the Encyclopedia Britannica written every day). WordPress is a favorite among developers and SEOs because it’s so powerful, flexible, and well developed/supported. However, it’s a favorite among end users because it’s simple to use. This is due in Read More

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