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The Art and Science of Client Relationships

Fellow authors here at Dinkum have posted about customer relationships from various points of view. Do Your Customers Trust You and Delivering on Values and other posts suggest the need to know your audience and deliver what is promised and other important business or life lessons.  A good customer relationship is productive for both parties, …
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Online Reputation Management

This morning while sifting through my inbox, I read a piece by Nick Bilton about the rise in businesses that specialize in online reputation management.  These businesses have been around for a few years now, and I wasn’t expecting much new information. There was, however, a new spin on it that makes me think. In …
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Happy Birthday Twitter

Twitter is 5 years old this month. It has come a long way in the social media sphere in that time. There are still those who don’t see value in Twitter and tweets and #hashtags and anything related. I have read comments indicating that they believe it is just a platform for inanity and talking …
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Blogging for Business: Content and Voice

Often when clients contact us for SEO services, one of the suggestions we make to them is to include a blog on their site, and post to it regularly.  We tout the benefits of having fresh content that is regularly updated as being helpful to their customers and to search engines. A recent post by …
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SEO In The News

In the last couple of weeks, Search Engine Optimization has made the news! I expect to read about SEO on blogs posted by fellow practitioners. But Bob Garfield, of On the Media on National Public Radio hosted an interview radio show segment on this very topic called “How to Cheat Google.” He interviewed David Segal, …
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Social Media in the World

Unless you shun news of any kind, you know about the unrest in Tunisia and in Egypt. Protests and demonstrations in the streets are occurring as people reach their breaking point with the poverty, oppression and inequality rampant in their native lands. The issues within these two nations are not the same. But one phenomenon …
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Social Media Marketing Results May Be Intangible (at first)

Sometimes you just can’t place a dollar value on your efforts. Followers and fans are priceless, whether they buy from you or not.
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Social Media Experiment Provides Some Interesting Observations

Students reported feeling less stress during the black-out week, some using the time they would have spent on social media activities to work on homework, exercise or sleep.
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