Jacob Smith

VP of Client Services

Fun Fact

Trained as a classical bassoonist.

Jacob joined Dinkum as a partner in 2010.  As VP of Client Services, Jacob serves as chief project manager and oversees technical implementation on all Dinkum projects. In the business for 9 years, Jacob has led hundreds of projects for a variety of corporate and non-profit clients, and thus is allowed to get away with talking a bit too much at certain meetings… before Paul cuts him off.

Recent Blogpost

Predictions for web / SEO / mobile marketing in 2011

The last shift is more movement towards what buyers want from the sellers. They want reviews, they want to interact with someone instead of a computer. If you have not figured out how to use some of the tools still affectionately called social media tools then you better figure it out.
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Inside the Dinkum War-Room: How Our Growing Team Collaborates Each Day (and Night!)

The key to successful collaboration, whether it is with clients or colleagues, is a mix of two things: organization and communication. Whatever helps you do that best is probably the tool you should be using.
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