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Fun Fact

Paul was a surf lifesaver at Colloroy and Whale Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Paul Fleming is one of the founders of Dinkum Interactive and brings extensive experience in the Online Marketing world with a strong emphasis in Search Engine Optimization. His background in education, communications and marketing have prepared him well for the fast pace of the online world. Nothing pleases him more than seeing a client achieve great success

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Snap Judgments: Are you overlooking introverts?


Are you aware of how you make decisions? From what to wear today to who to marry, we believe we make decisions rationally. We weigh up the options and come to a conclusion. Of course, it’s more complicated than that. I’m currently reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Blink’ about the part of our brain that makes …
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You’ve Got 4 Seconds: How to Hook Web Visitors


It’s a cold, hard fact: people spend about 4 seconds looking at your website before deciding whether to stay or leave. So how can you hook visitors in that 4 seconds? What’s going on Above The Fold? Above the Fold – or ATF – is a graphic design concept that says the most important information …
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Got a Mobile Site? Better Get One Pronto


No doubt you’re aware of the revolution taking place between you and your smartphone. To reinforce how pervasive and all-consuming these devices have become, check out these figures from Time magazine’s poll on mobile use across the globe. 84% of people surveyed in the TIME Mobility Poll said they couldn’t go a single day without …
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Going for Gold: Achieving Top Search Rankings


I’ve been watching the Olympics as much as I can. Even with the disappointing TV coverage, it’s hard not to get sucked into the excitement. The talent and obvious hard work of the athletes is impressive and inspirational. One thing that’s struck me during these games is the obsession with getting gold. Silver has brought …
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How understanding the herd mentality can improve your business


If you’re keen to influence people around you — from encouraging them to buy your products or services to increasing recycling in your community — research I heard during a ‘Freakonomics’ podcast will be of interest. Robert Cialdini is a professor and author of the book “Influence” who is interested in how social norms can …
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Can you do me a favor?


What’s the best way to get someone to like you? Most people assume it’s by doing someone a favor. But it turns out the opposite is true. The best way to get someone to like you is by asking them to do you a favor. Sounds crazy, right? The phenomenon has been labelled the Benjamin …
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6 Ways to Kickstart Your Writing


If you’re online, then you need to write snappy, engaging, interesting copy. It’s an important part of the business. For many people, facing a blank screen is confronting, even excruciating. If this is you – relax. These six strategies will help get your writing juices flowing. 1. Who are you writing for? Even before your …
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Our Favorite Search Marketing Google Analytics Custom Report


Analytics has always been an important part of what we do. It’s the foundation of our campaigns whether for an SEO strategy, PPC or website redesign project. Analytics tell us a lot about what we do, who our client really is (sometimes more than our client does), helps us plan, helps us adjust and ultimately …
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Don’t Be a Slave to Your Inbox


I’m talking about myself, here. And I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m a little bit addicted to the pinging of my inbox. Even before I get out bed in the morning, I check my emails from my smartphone. Just in case there’s something exciting, or urgent, or interesting, or all of the above. But then …
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Are You Noticing The Patterns?


When researching an article about Klout, an algorithm that measures your alleged social media influence, I discovered how Klout’s founder, Joe Fernandez, came up with the idea. Turns out, he had to have his jaw rewired and couldn’t talk for 3 months. His communication outlet during the time of silence was Facebook. According to a …
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