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Customer Service for the Holidays

by Guest Blogger On December 29, 2011

During the week before Christmas, I had some free time, so I went to the local mall and did some window shopping.  I was browsing the sales for Lands End clothing in Sears, when I heard, over the store intercom, “Code 2, Lands End area.” I looked around for firemen or security personnel, and seeing … Read More


Does Your Customer Service Make You Stand Out?

by Jacob Smith On December 21, 2011

I was walking through an underground section of Philadelphia called Market East. I noticed a lady walking around with a basket looking intently at those seated and once in awhile she would go over to someone and speak with them. I asked someone near by what that was all about.  I was told that she … Read More

Internet Marketing, SEO

The Art and Science of SEO

by Guest Blogger On December 19, 2011

The phrase ‘Art and Science‘ can aptly be applied to many things. Consider parenting, as an example.  There is no shortage of books on the science of parenting. Expectant parents can read them and commit them to memory, and some of the information is actually useful. The art of parenting involves getting to know the … Read More


Starbucks Smiling all the way to the Bank: Why Mobile Payments Make Cents

by Jacob Smith On December 14, 2011

If you have visited a Starbucks coffee shop in the last year (and especially the last few months), you’ll notice that a lot of people are paying with their iPhones and Android devices.  In fact, my local Starbucks cashier volunteered this morning that the company’s mobile payment app had been used for some 25 million … Read More


Trend Watch: 2011 iPhone App of the Year and Rey Mysterio

by Paul Fleming On December 12, 2011

My friend’s seven year-old son recently sent me his Christmas wish list. Trends move quickly these days, especially for those in single digits, so I’m always prepared to buy something I’ve never heard of. This year’s request surprised me. Young Ben wants a WWE action figure. That’s WWE for World Wrestling Entertainment. Ben, it seems, … Read More


Thoughts on the Team Meeting: Moving from Good to Great

by Jacob Smith On December 8, 2011

During the last few months, Dinkum has been working with its favorite business consultant Steve Smolinsky to help move the dial on our growing company from “good” to “great.”  To call Steve a consultant, however, is a bit of a bland misnomer – he’s more of an entrepreneurial Yoda, nurturing our startup-inspired energies into grand … Read More

Analytics, SEO

Google is Hiding Data from Us Under the Guise of Privacy

by Paul Fleming On December 7, 2011

We recently mentioned that Google announced that they will be encrypting Search for Google users who are logged into their accounts and we are now starting to see some real impact from that. Some clients are being affected more than others. Ultimately it’s not a huge issue. Yes it’s absolutely annoying and frustrating but not … Read More


Thanks for Everything

by Guest Blogger On November 23, 2011

Tis the season for expressing gratitude, and we have much to be thankful for, here at Dinkum.  Our clients are the best and we are grateful to each one for trusting us to partner with them to raise the visibility of their websites. Rick, usually a man of many words, is thankful for “Great people … Read More

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