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Internet Marketing

The Carmen Miranda Effect: Your Guide to Tutti-frutti Internet Marketing

by Paul Fleming On May 13, 2011

It’s a crowded, noisy market. Sure, you’ve honed your niche and offer a solid product. But what should you do if the guy down the road has a brighter neon sign? Websites are your shop-front. You want people to step inside, take a look, buy things and come back again. The question to consider – … Read More

Internet Marketing

Are You Doing Your Part to Help Young Entrepreneurs?

by Jacob Smith On May 10, 2011

A recent article  in the Philadelphia Inquirer got me thinking. What are those who consider themselves part of internet marketings’ elite doing to help out the folks coming up who have never experienced life without computers and the internet? I ask this question because I had the opportunity to discover what the next generation of … Read More


How Mobile Are You?

by Paul Fleming On April 29, 2011

Riding the New York Subway today, I noticed a number of people clutching onto their mobile phones as if it was a part of their body. Some were listening to music, others were playing games but a sizable number were just sitting and holding, waiting until they could get signal again (I presume). If I’m … Read More


Wishing SEO Was Easy..Or Sexy?

by Paul Fleming On April 26, 2011

Every now and again as we’re planning out a campaign or building links or performing an analysis, I think about that easy button that Staples put out. Click…keyword rankings #1. Click…huge traffic increase. Click…huge conversion increases. Click…me on beach drinking beer or possibly umbrella’d cocktail. I have a feeling that sometimes our clients wish that … Read More

Internet Marketing

Dinkum’s Version of Pizzanomics

by Jacob Smith On April 22, 2011

One of my favorite companies is MailChimp, the email marketing provider based outside Atlanta Georgia. With their smart products and high level of service, I find myself recommending them even when it’s not technically necessary – that’s what I call good marketing! However, the thing I like most about MailChimp is how they approach their … Read More

Internet Marketing

Five Tips to Shape Up Your PPC Program

by Kerrilynn On April 15, 2011

Do you look at your PPC account on a daily basis? Weekly Basis? Or not at all anymore because you can’t bear to see the ever decreasing conversions and increased costs? It’s time to dive deeper and possibly revamp your account. The days are gone where you can just throw up hundreds of keywords and … Read More


Top 5 Press Release Tips

by Paul Fleming On April 8, 2011

Catching up over a coffee, a friend asked me how to write a press release. Even though I write them every day, it was interesting to define exactly what makes one press release stand apart from another. Of course, what you’re writing about makes a huge difference – some topics are more exciting and newsworthy … Read More

Digital PR

Online Reputation Management

by Guest Blogger On April 5, 2011

This morning while sifting through my inbox, I read a piece by Nick Bilton about the rise in businesses that specialize in online reputation management.  These businesses have been around for a few years now, and I wasn’t expecting much new information. There was, however, a new spin on it that makes me think. In … Read More

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