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Technical SEO

Ajax and WordPress

by Emiliano Jankowski On April 19, 2011

When working on advanced website projects for Dinkum clients, there are a few questions I’m almost guaranteed to get asked at some point in the development cycle: How can we improve the user experience? Make it slick, smooth, intuitive, engaging. . . How can we make the site faster and improve performance? How can we … Read More

Internet Marketing

Five Tips to Shape Up Your PPC Program

by Kerrilynn Young On April 15, 2011

Do you look at your PPC account on a daily basis? Weekly Basis? Or not at all anymore because you can’t bear to see the ever decreasing conversions and increased costs? It’s time to dive deeper and possibly revamp your account. The days are gone where you can just throw up hundreds of keywords and … Read More

Content Marketing

To Blog or Not to Blog

by On April 12, 2011

I am an antiquing and flea market junkie. Only my very close circle of friends and family know this about me. Recently while reading one of my favorite flea market find magazines, I came across a page that listed wonderful blog sites to find out about flea marketing, dumpster diving and what to do with … Read More


Top 5 Press Release Tips

by Paul Fleming On April 8, 2011

Catching up over a coffee, a friend asked me how to write a press release. Even though I write them every day, it was interesting to define exactly what makes one press release stand apart from another. Of course, what you’re writing about makes a huge difference – some topics are more exciting and newsworthy … Read More

Digital PR

Online Reputation Management

by Guest Blogger On April 5, 2011

This morning while sifting through my inbox, I read a piece by Nick Bilton about the rise in businesses that specialize in online reputation management.  These businesses have been around for a few years now, and I wasn’t expecting much new information. There was, however, a new spin on it that makes me think. In … Read More

Internet Marketing

Your Website is Critical for Internet Marketing So Stop Neglecting It

by Paul Fleming On April 1, 2011

Our company has evolved over the last 5 years. Some of it has been to accomodate new trends (influence of social media for one), some due to Google’s whims (the many algorithm updates) but mostly it has been the result of experience. The company started by recognizing that there was a specific need. We would … Read More


Face recognition in an Open Source environment

by Emiliano Jankowski On March 25, 2011

Part of my job at Dinkum is to make sophisticated things happen for our website and marketing clients on a daily basis. One such request came a few months ago for a project we’re working on for the Marlboro Music Festival. The request? Help the Festival (which was founded in 1951 by the late, great … Read More

Social Media

Do Your Customers Trust You?

by Paul Fleming On March 25, 2011

I was reading about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) the other day and how to connect with your audience using social media. Something that piqued my attention was the concept that the social customer considers their peers as a most trusted source. No surprises there. If I’m looking for a hairdresser, I ask my circle of … Read More

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