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Internet Marketing

How to Make Your Internet Marketing “Autocatalytic”

by Jacob Smith On June 26, 2012

At Dinkum Interactive, we perform a large number of tasks requiring expertise in SEO, PPC, Web Design, Email Marketing, and others. This is a valuable set of skills for our clients but it’s not the reason they hire us. Our goal with each client is to support the development of a sophisticated internet marketing culture … Read More

Analytics, SEO

Our Favorite Search Marketing Google Analytics Custom Report

by Paul Fleming On June 12, 2012

Analytics has always been an important part of what we do. It’s the foundation of our campaigns whether for an SEO strategy, PPC or website redesign project. Analytics tell us a lot about what we do, who our client really is (sometimes more than our client does), helps us plan, helps us adjust and ultimately … Read More

Paid Search, SEO

Pay-Per-Click: is it for you?

by Kerrilynn Young On June 5, 2012

It’s the dream of most websites – volumes of traffic seeking your product or service. At Dinkum, we use a variety of techniques to drive visitors in your direction and one of the tools we’re getting some great results with is Google Adwords and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies. This is why:- Price: Compared with other … Read More


Don’t Be a Slave to Your Inbox

by Paul Fleming On May 29, 2012

I’m talking about myself, here. And I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m a little bit addicted to the pinging of my inbox. Even before I get out bed in the morning, I check my emails from my smartphone. Just in case there’s something exciting, or urgent, or interesting, or all of the above. But then … Read More

Social Media

Are You Noticing The Patterns?

by Paul Fleming On May 23, 2012

When researching an article about Klout, an algorithm that measures your alleged social media influence, I discovered how Klout’s founder, Joe Fernandez, came up with the idea. Turns out, he had to have his jaw rewired and couldn’t talk for 3 months. His communication outlet during the time of silence was Facebook. According to a … Read More


Dinkum’s Take on the Penguin and Panda Updates

by Paul Fleming On May 22, 2012

Last year, it was Panda. Now, it’s Penguin. Both are cute black and white animals, but also the names of Google’s changes to its algorithm that determine search results. It’s part of an effort to remove spammy websites and systems set up to game them, and fighting techniques well-known to the SEO community as gray/black … Read More

Social Media

LinkedIn Saddles A Dark Horse

by Guest Blogger On May 18, 2012

This month, business networking site, LinkedIn announced the acquisition of SlideShare for $118.8 million. SlideShare allows users to upload and share PowerPoint and other slide presentations with business users, either on the Slideshare site or embedded on blogs, websites and shared on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. SlideShare is sometimes known as the “dark horse of … Read More

Internet Marketing

What A 9 Year-Old Can Teach You About Selling

by Paul Fleming On May 16, 2012

I collected my god-daughter from dance class the other day and we grabbed a “treat” on the way home. Charli is 10, super bright and delightful. As we ate liquid chocolate, she told me about her school assignment where they had to devise a restaurant for kids. Her big idea was that while kids were … Read More

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