Potomac Photonics

by Paul Fleming On April 20, 2014

After several years and several website iterations, Potomac Photonics have been leading the way in their field in the online space (with our help naturally). With a strong foundation in the form of a powerful and effective website, their keyword strategy well in place and providing great visibility and client referrals, there’s always more to do … Read More

Zamorano University

by Paul Fleming On December 19, 2012

As one of the world’s leading agricultural colleges, this Honduran college certainly did not reflect this value online. Visually, it desperately needed an upgrade. Online visibility was also lacking and a concerted push needed to be made in this area to help improve its performance. This included visibility throughout the North and South American regions, … Read More

B2B SEO Campaign

by Paul Fleming On November 20, 2012

Scenario: A National B2B company was seeing a moderate amount of traffic to their website but had very little search visibility and engaged with Dinkum to do something about it.  Competitors were doing a much better job at appearing on search results so they wanted to ensure that they were playing in the same pond. … Read More

Voxel Partner Video

by Jacob Smith On June 12, 2012

Date: April 25th, 2012 Scope: Partner Video Website: Overview: As part of a series of videos to help tell the Voxel story, we teamed up with Harvest to create an opportunity to tell both sides of the story. In the first of what should be a series of partner videos for top web hosting company Voxel, the legends … Read More

Raab Collection: Steering the Right Course

by Jacob Smith On June 12, 2012

Date: August 2011 Scope: Internet Marketing/SEO Website: Overview: Gaining trust was an important part of this campaign with a focused strategy leading to solid results.   Want to own letter signed by Abraham Lincoln? How about an autographed photo of Amelia Earhart? Perhaps you’d prefer the swirling signature of Thomas Edison? Dinkum Interactive can put you in touch … Read More

Chalking up SEO Success with Eastern University

by Jacob Smith On June 12, 2012

Date: October 2008 Scope: SEO/Social Media Website: Overview: ”These are the folks you want alongside you to build a solid web strategy,” says Pete Berol, Director of Marketing for Eastern University. “We saw a significant difference in our bottom line.”   Chalking Up Success: Dinkum Interactive Increases Enrollments at Eastern University Creating effective web strategies and Internet marketing … Read More

Hoffman Services

Hoffman Services: Heavy Lifting Drives Results

by Jacob Smith On June 12, 2012

Date: January 2011 Scope: Redesign, SEO Website: Overview: A redesign and SEO push helped to triple daily search engine traffic within three months of site relaunch.   The clock edged closer to 10pm. Jacob Smith and Matthew Morgan had already spent the past few hours carefully working through each page of Matthew’s updated website with more pages to … Read More

Center for Study Abroad

by Jacob Smith On June 12, 2012

Date: Oct 2010 Scope: Website Redesign and SEO Website: Overview: An outdated website and an increasing number of online competitors made upgrading an easy decision.     Company Needs: Center for Study Abroad had an outdated website that was proving difficult to manage and lacked some contemporary features that would make their service offerings more useful for users. … Read More

Paskill, Stapleton & Lord

by Jacob Smith On June 3, 2012

Date: November, 2009 Scope: SEO/SEM Website: Overview: Paskill, Stapleton & Lord contracted with Dinkum in November, 2009 to increase their visibility on the web.   Paskill, Stapleton & Lord contracted with Dinkum in November, 2009 to increase their visibility on the web. While they have a well designed website, they also had some technical issues that needed to … Read More


Advanced Scientific

by Jacob Smith On June 3, 2012

Date: 2009 Scope: Research, Technical Modifications, SEO Website: Overview: Advanced Scientifics had very little visibility for keyword phrases and they needed to help increase their visibility to their target traffic audience in an effort to increase leads and sales. Dinkum Solution: Dinkum Interactive assessed the current state of the site, implemented appropriate adjustments to the website, corrected some … Read More

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