Emiliano Jankowski

Director of Special Projects

Emiliano is our Director of Special Projects. After earning his degree in Computer Systems at the Universidad del Salvador in Neuquen (Argentina), Emiliano embarked on a diverse technology career leading high-level development projects around the world.

With an early background in ASP, Emiliano also built enterprise web applications in .NET 4 and JAVA before discovering a passion for all things PHP (especially CodeIgniter and WordPress). Embracing the energy of the WordPress platform and community, Emiliano brought his enterprise background to bear on advanced plugin and framework development projects. He now leads Dinkum’s investments in SEO, eCommerce, Membership, and analytics tools for WordPress.

After nearly four years in Barcelona, Spain, Emiliano returned to beautiful Neuquen, Argentina from which he directs a global team of designers and developers.

In his free time, Emiliano is an avid scuba diver and accomplished amateur photographer.

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