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A wide range of factors can influence the return on your investment (ROI). In order to structure the highest performing paid search campaigns, our internet marketing and paid search experts need to perform a thorough analysis.

Our Online Advertising Assessment provides a report that establishes the foundation for your web strategy in online advertising. Our experience gives us some unique insight that ensures you don’t make the same mistakes we did 10 years ago. We understand the importance of metrics and user profiling and conversion flows, competitor data…all things we believe are required for an effective campaign.

What Can You Expect?

1. Lead focused conversations to solidify your online advertising goals.
2. Conduct a comprehensive audit of your organization’s online advertising ecosystem
3. Document the existing setup, including properties, assets, and tracking capacity.
4. Benchmark the findings against our own best practices and competitors.
5. Suggest an appropriate “go forward” strategy.

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