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Code is Poetry.
At least that is what we try to do with WordPress!

WordPress – WordPress is “web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.” We think of it as a powerhouse platform for creativity in Internet marketing. With WordPress, we’re able to innovate on a stable and consistently evolving platform. Sure, Drupal7 is awesome and Expression Engine is the right fit for some clients (we’ve used them all, and built some of our own as well). We choose WordPress for clients and ourselves about 90% of the time. We really do enjoy our time with WordPress – while we’ve deployed just about everything out there, this is our favorite CMS.


Sometimes, you follow the pack.
Basecamp delivers value and collaboration in a pretty, fast package.

Basecamp – Like most creative agencies, we bounced around from one Project Management System to another. We tried some great ones, including the beautifully constructed Apollo HQ, but in the end, nothing has worked better at bringing our team onto the same page as Basecamp. The new edition looks good enough that our team actually wants to use it, and that makes all the difference. Task lists, calendars, and the freedom of unlimited projects suits us well – now we’re just excited to get all of those Basecamp Classic integrations to be updated to work with the new version. For more information, visit

Internap Agile Hosting is our Choice for Scalable Performance

We’re Still Not Sure
What the heck “Internap” means, but they are a darn awesome hosting partner.

Internap – Internap knows that no two hosting deployments are the same. It provides a variety of hosting solutions, infrastructure services and delivery products to meet the demands of today’s web-centric businesses. Internap’s Agile Hosting line is Dinkum’s preferred hosting provider. But don’t take our word for it: YouSendIt,, FastCompany, and the Mozilla Foundation like them too. Oh, and did we mention MIRO Managed Internet Route Optimizer™? It’s awesome.


Lighthouse App - Beautifully Simple Issue Tracking

A Beacon in the Dark
Nice to have if you want to squash bugs in your app late at night.

Lighthouse App– Lighthouse does a simple but important job for us: it tracks our bugs and help us squash them. What’s great about Lighthouse is a) it’s simple and b) it’s good looking. Not a bad combination in life or love! We’re enticed by the native integration with Tender support app, and look forward to using it when we build and release the next great American web app. In case you’re wondering, at any time we have 10-15 projects in Lighthouse, and it is lovingly protected by Emiliano and Guillermo (special project leaders extraordinaire).

Raven Tools

A True Standby
Raven Tools has been there for us over the years, and we’re still going strong.

Raven Tools – Raven Tools has been a consistent partner with us for years during which they’ve changed their name but not their passion for delivering an outstanding SEO and Social Media research tool. We leverage a number of their tools daily, and our monthly reporting is made much more effective and streamlined with the help of this beautiful, smart application.

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