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WordPress v Squarespace v Wix v…

by Paul Fleming On May 16, 2024

Since the early Internet days, there have been plenty of options for building a website which can be a tad overwhelming for newbies. If you didn’t know HTML, there were even options back in the stone age. We remember Geocities back in 1994 as one of the original ways to create your website without requiring … Read More


Promises and Shiny New Things

by Paul Fleming On June 5, 2023

We love to test and check new things out. That’s actually a large part of what got us all into this field and keeps us in this ever-changing landscape. There’s often something new or interesting to review and consider as part of our technical SEO service offerings. Web development certainly keeps evolving as new technologies … Read More


Proactive WordPress Management

by Paul Fleming On July 31, 2022

We’re fans of WordPress and have been for years. Seems there are plenty of other fans as well given that some 30% of all websites run it. That’s a lot. Still, like all CMS’s it’s not without its issues and maintenance is one of them. Core updates, plugin update, outdated themes, security issues. Add to … Read More


A Few of My Daily SEO Tools

by Paul Fleming On January 8, 2020

Note: Originally posted in 2011 but updated for 2020! We all have our own little way of doing things to make our professional lives easier or better or clearer. Sometimes these are tools that we have stumbled across, other times recommendations from friends or colleagues and other websites or blogs similar to this one. One … Read More


The Value of Website Management

by Paul Fleming On September 20, 2019

Having a website for your business is great. Actually it’s pretty essential. All too often though, after spending a great deal of time building a site and obsessing over every little detail, the excitement of the launch and the flurry of new and exciting information wanes and things suddenly run dry. Happens to the best … Read More

SEO, WordPress

Launching a New Website – 3 Steps to Prevent the SEO Drop

by Paul Fleming On December 5, 2018

With all the information available, it seems that some of it still gets lost in translation. When it comes to SEO we are well aware that there is plenty of incorrect information but while it’s been around for some time, plus the fact that there continues to be more and more experts touting SEO knowledge, … Read More


Continued Sustainable SEO

by Paul Fleming On December 31, 2017

Another year is upon us and looking back on this past year, we’ve once again been heads-down digging in to client requirements and our own internal tools and not practicing what we preach (though we did manage to squeak out an updated website). While SEO in general seems to be in a state of constant … Read More

Analytics, SEO

SEO Health Data: Google Analytics

by Paul Fleming On June 20, 2017

A true digital performance issue that we come across often is overall poor digital health. Much like our own health, the annual checkup is pretty important, in some cases it’s essential. So we take the same approach to digital health by monitoring it on a daily basis, reviewing it weekly and then reporting on it … Read More

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