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The no excuses, you beaut, fair dinkum website management plans

At Dinkum Interactive, we put a great deal of value in the reliability and performance of your website. In fact, it is at the foundation of every successful Internet marketing campaign. There are two primary ingredients for supporting a website:

  1. A secure & high performing technical environment;
  2. Pro-active monitoring, weekly health checks, and website management.

The rationale is pretty simple: downtime and security issues can equate to loss of business, or divert time and valuable resources away from more important activities. A compromised website can mean sensitive data leaks and putting end users at risk. Website loading speed is a known contributor to increased sales and conversion. All of these factors are important to search engine rankings and when properly in place, help to increase trust and visibility.

As a result of nearly 15 years experience, we have developed several packages to help ensure optimum performance, worry-free hosting, and comprehensive maintenance of your website.

Packaged Offerings


Managed Support


per month

Basic Data Tracking + Monitoring Tool

Monthly Software Updates (Wordpress Core, Plugins)

Security + Uptime Monitoring


Minor Website Updates/Fixes

24/7 Email Support

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Web Development Management


per month

Includes all Basic features

Some Content updates

Website Development (2 hours)

Malware / Virus Repairs

24/7 Email Support

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Website Management + SEO + Data


per month

Includes all Basic and Premium Features

SEO Analysis + Recommendations

Website Development (4 hours)

Monthly Planning & Reporting

24/7 Email

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  • Comprehensive SEO/web management services start at $1100/mo
  • Sites with more than 100,000 monthly visitors will require special hosting pricing
  • Basic plan provides plugin and core updates only. It does not include compatibility checks or QA.
  • Onboarding for tracking requires access to Google Analytics

Wordpress Hosting and Support Services

Managed WordPress Hosting

Dinkum partners with leading WordPress hosting providers, regularly checking for reliability and performance, 2 key requirements for a hosting environment.  Our goal is that you get a worry-free experience and should be one of the few times that you don’t want to hear from us!

Website Maintenance

As WordPress specialists, Dinkum Interactive is equipped to assist maintenance customers with a worry-free website experience. We offer our technical and SEO strength to clients and agencies to allow you to do what you do best.

Our foundational packages offer a taste our these capabilities and form a strong foundation to build on.


Matthew Hoffman

Hoffman Services

The same quality support that we give our clients is what we expect from other companies which is why we have been with Dinkum for years. We know that if we need something, we can contact them and it will get done.

Eli Gilman

Foreign Policy Research Institute

Having a trusted online partner has proved itself time and again to be a worthwhile investment.

Mike Adelstein

Potomac Photonics

Having a trusted digital partner has allowed us to focus more on our core business. We've relied on Dinkum for several years and  find them to be reliable, knowledgeable and proactive which seems to be a winning combination.

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