Sean Michael

WordPress Developer

Fun Fact

Both in his free and work time, Sean always had something to enjoy. Whether it’s swimming in ocean of codes or slaying dragons, a good cup of sizzling hot coffee is what he needs to start the day.

Sean Michael is an all arround WordPress Developer at Dinkum Interactive. While earning his degree in System Information at “Bina Nusantara University”, he started working in local Indonesia web agency as a front end programmer. Later on, a couple of years after he graduated, Sean also took the role of back end programming. Thus, he became a jack of all trades in WordPress development, while still considered himself as a master of none.

At some point in the middle of 2016, Sean joined Dinkum Interactive as the team’s unicorn. Focusing mostly on plugins and frameworks development while engaging in some of DevOps activity in the mix, his knowledge of web programming quirks and tweaks deepens. Up until now, Sean is still a unicorn. Galloping to the sunset. Trying to find the place where the rainbow ends.

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