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Mary on the Square

Mary on the Square


Luxury is the name of the game for the mother-daughter partners who sell beautiful homes river to river in Center City, Philadelphia. They wanted new site that reflects the beauty and value of the homes they represent, as well as showcases the services they provide as a boutique residential sales team. We redesigned the site, bringing in the “Wow” factor and keeping a clean, luxurious feel, much like the homes they sell. A mobile responsive site is important, too, so visitors on the move can view listings and more. Moving forward, we will continue to manage the site, keeping it Read More

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Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University

Our tenure with Indiana Wesleyan University involved increasing search visibility for the college as well as some of their specific programs. Within 6 months of the engagement, traffic had considerably increased but more importantly, quality traffic had improved. This was largely credited to their Search visibility, specifically on Google where they had enjoyed some significant keyword phrase increases. Some of their general target phrases included “Christian University”, “Christian College and University”, “Universities in Indiana”, “Nursing Schools”, all enjoying Page 1 placement.

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May Arts Ribbon

May Arts Ribbon

Features: Website design overhaul. Search performance update. Custom WordPress Shopping Cart. Paid Search. This wholesale ribbon supplier already demonstrated strong online performance but as always, they wanted more. They got more. In addition to a beautiful looking website, they saw steady growth since the updated website was launched.  

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MerchantPlus – Update

MerchantPlus – Update

A company that appreciates the importance of remaining nimble in a fast-changing online environment, MerchantPlus saw the need for a design refresh and a small overhaul in line with their new service offering. Accompanied by our core service offerings (SEO), and ROI Drivers (Analytics, Heatmaps, Paid Search), we should see some good growth in the coming months. Visit their website and sign up for an account!

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Ants Pants Cafe – Update

Ants Pants Cafe – Update

One thing we have always promoted to our clients, is the value of keeping your online presence fresh. As technology, trends and user habits change, you should also change to meet them. Ants Pants Cafe has responded to this my placing a great deal of importance in their customer mobile experience. With a high number of visitors to their website using mobile devices, they sought to meet that need and the result was a fully responsive web experience, easy menu management controls, woo commerce integration and an updated look while we were at it.

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