Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Set your Foundation with SEO

One of the best ways to gain visibility is not the quickest, it takes time and patience but the rewards can be great.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a specialized process that involves analyzing your website’s on-page and off-page elements to give a thorough understanding of the base architecture, some reverse engineering of the Search Engine Spiders and keeping up to date with the algorithms associated with them.

Dinkum regularly evaluates and updates our natural search engine optimization methodology to keep pace with this constantly evolving process.

We use our extensive knowledge of search engine processes to determine what needs to be done to affect positive change. The key element is the research that goes into our projects. We can make the changes or offer you documentation to do it yourself. We maintain all the principles of best practices (white hat methods) during our consultative process.

Our technical SEO process means that our clients don’t need to be concerned about whether their website is holding them back and let’s them build out their messaging and content with the knowledge that they are being given the best possible chance of increasing their search engine performance.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services includes:

  • Website Assessment: Our extensive assessments can give you the edge you need over your competitors. We’ll take you through the critical components required to make your website a star for your organization, school, community etc.
  • Research: It’s important to associate appropriate keywords and keyword phrases to your website. This way, we ensure that users coming to your website are looking in the right place.
  • Website Modifications – by removing any technical roadblocks, your website has an increased chance of performing better on search engines.
  • Data and Analytics – we track specific datapoints that tell the story of your performance and helps to guide the process.
  • Link Popularity Enhancement: Finding methods for increasing your site’s incoming links takes some creativity and persistence. We can help point you in the right direction.

Getting your website ranking in search engine results for your appropriate keyword market is a time consuming process but one that can yield powerful results in the long run. Start with our assessment and move on to one of our maintenance programs. Our expertise in small to medium businesses offer great value and can empower you to do things right.

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