Jacob Smith

VP of Client Services

Fun Fact

Trained as a classical bassoonist.

Jacob joined Dinkum as a partner in 2010.  As VP of Client Services, Jacob serves as chief project manager and oversees technical implementation on all Dinkum projects. In the business for 9 years, Jacob has led hundreds of projects for a variety of corporate and non-profit clients, and thus is allowed to get away with talking a bit too much at certain meetings… before Paul cuts him off.

Recent Blogpost

First Impressions Still Count

As much as I like to think I’m immune from it, first impressions still count in the real world – and not just in the virtual world! Some Background Certainly, the importance of a virtual “front door” is something I tell our clients about every day. “Your website is like your front door” is a …
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Roots, Branches, and Leaves – Viewing Internet Marketing through a Horticultural Lens

In my pre-Dinkum life, I started out helping artists, small businesses, nonprofits, and online merchants build websites.  Since that time (about 10 years ago) I have struggled with the same challenge in about 90% of my client relationships: how to help them “get” the true value of a  a comprehensive approach to internet marketing. You …
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Are You Doing Your Part to Help Young Entrepreneurs?

A recent article  in the Philadelphia Inquirer got me thinking. What are those who consider themselves part of internet marketings’ elite doing to help out the folks coming up who have never experienced life without computers and the internet? I ask this question because I had the opportunity to discover what the next generation of …
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Dinkum’s Version of Pizzanomics

One of my favorite companies is MailChimp, the email marketing provider based outside Atlanta Georgia. With their smart products and high level of service, I find myself recommending them even when it’s not technically necessary – that’s what I call good marketing! However, the thing I like most about MailChimp is how they approach their …
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WordPress Tips and Tricks for Users: The Best 5 Admin Options You Didn’t Know About

WordPress is the single most commonly used CMS and blogging platform in the world, running over 18 million sites as of this writing (current stats here). Possibly more striking is that people actually use their WordPress sites! Today, for example, 486,000 posts were written and 400,000,000 words were cobbled together in about 120 languages (that’s …
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Marketing and Social Media – Alive and Well

On Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion at Eastern University. The school of Management Studies put on program to help the Executive MBA students with relevant topics for their studies. The topic of this  program was Marketing and Social Media. The format allowed for a few minutes of introductions and …
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It’s about the process – not the technology

Are you relying too much on technology to do the work for you, or are you still being creative and using technology to help you be even more creative?
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Inside the Dinkum War-Room: How Our Growing Team Collaborates Each Day (and Night!)

The key to successful collaboration, whether it is with clients or colleagues, is a mix of two things: organization and communication. Whatever helps you do that best is probably the tool you should be using.
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