WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

We’ve been building WordPress plugins since the early days when there weren’t enough to fill our client needs. Some of them we offered up to the WordPress community, others we ended up shutting down.

We still have a stable of plugins we continue to promote, all of them filling a need for more than 1 client and all of them built for performance.

From a Gravity forms add-on to a full blown Shopping Cart, our plugin devs have run the gamut. Currently we are focussed on our WooCommerce to Stone Edge Sync (WooSEOM), WooCommerce to Clover connector and our Gravity Forms Analytics plugin.

Our Gravity Forms Analytics plugin was created to give us more insight into who was filling out our forms. We wanted to be able to see at a glance, the number comparisons from the previous week and also the source information. Our plugin provides this and emails us weekly.


View our full list of currently active plugins over at Site Mavens

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