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The Bar is Getting Higher, Faster

October 23rd, 2012 In categories Digital PR, Internet Marketing

If you’re in the internet marketing space, you’ll instantly know what I mean: the game is getting harder. We’ve gone from the days of adding the right keywords to the top of your page to a landscape where you have to DO something to capture the interest of your audience. This is no small task, especially when everyone I know has 4 devices on their desk and 12 open tabs on their browser.

Don’t believe me? What can you remember from your last month on the internet? What stood out?

Here’s what I remember or found compelling enough to share:

1.  Cookie Monster: Share it Maybe
YouTube Preview Image

2.  MyEmma “Emma’s Guide to Personal Email Style“ My Emma has style

3.  StayClassy Awards Nonprofit Awards Event

Stay Classy Awards

4.  Trilogy – Pulp Fiction
YouTube Preview Image

5.  Red Bull Stratos
YouTube Preview Image

I realize that some of these are very big brands (Sesame Street, Red Bull), but they are all marketing in the same way. In fact, while Red Bull is spending a huge amount of money on the Stratos jump, it’s probably a much smaller proportion of their revenue than was spent by the music trio, Trilogy, or nonprofit software firm, Stay Classy, on its awards ceremony.

These campaigns caught both my attention and my emotions. They stood out. The content was truly unique and compelling. This is the way you grab attention (and keep it for more than a few seconds) on the internet.

The simple truth is that the internet marketing space has become a global stage and to stand out to your audience, you have to do something legitimate and interesting – and do it at a high level. It should reflect your core values through and through, not just your brand. It should convey a sense of passion for what you do, and why you do it. Damn, that’s hard!

I won’t lie. There is no easy way to do this kind of marketing. You need to gather a smart, talented, motivated team and give them the resources to create, launch, and nurture their ideas. This team will:

  • Be well-versed in your product, and understand your company’s core values
  • Know your market, so they can speak to members the right way
  • Be skilled. I mean production skills, writing, video, web, etc.
  • Have access to a budget (or the time) to promote via diverse channels, including paid search, social, offline, and more.

With a background in classical music, it’s hard for me not to fall back on analogies, especially with the orchestra world facing tumultuous times to stay relevant. For me, it doesn’t matter if you are a symphony orchestra, a violin trio, a punk rock band, or a street musician playing the accordion – you have to gather your forces (creative, technical, performance), bring your instruments, conquer your nerves, and perform for your audience.

And if your performance doesn’t impact your audience by moving them to dance, tap their feet, hum a tune, or clap at the end – then you didn’t earn your paycheck and you better come back the next night with better musicians, a better tune, a more innovative producer, or a willingness to take the risks to engage your audience in something they want to stop and listen to.

Like I said: internet marketing is getting tougher. How will you stay relevant?

YouTube Preview Image

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