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Interpreting Client Questions about Search Engine Marketing

Some clients ask a lot of questions, some just go along for the ride. Sound familiar? I prefer clients who want to understand the Search Engine Marketing journey and who take the time to ask questions as they come up. These clients are often, although not always, more engaged and better partners in their campaign. Many …
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Content, Content, Content

As a client facing member of the Dinkum team, I am sometimes called upon to discuss SEO with clients. Most often I am answering questions on basic concepts, which clients who have recently signed on want to understand. Sometimes I chat over the same things with clients who have been around for a while, but …
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Social Media’s Dark Side

In the Sunday edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer, John Timpane wrote about the recent flash mobs in Philadelphia, organized through various social media.  They are an ugly reminder that tools that can be used for good, such as the uprisings in the various Middle East countries over the last year or more, can be used …
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Be Where Your Customers Are – Social Media Marketing Lesson

This is a concept that we preach often at Dinkum, and most often we are referring to which social media channels might be best employed by the businesses we work with. There is no point in being on Twitter if all of your potential customers are on LinkedIn. This weekend, I was presented with a …
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Caution: Blogs are Not Easy to Maintain

Writers Block Anyone who writes for a living, in any capacity, knows the term writers block. defines it as “a usually temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with the writing of a novel, play, or other work.”  Blogs fall into the other work category. Calling it work is truth in advertising! Blogging …
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Virtual Office of the Future is Here!

You already know that Dinkum Interactive is on the cutting edge of the virtual office work environment. I and my co-workers don’t have a corporate office to report to at 9 every morning, and we don’t face the freeway commute at the end of the day. I, for one, have dreamed of a job like …
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Twitter and the Women’s World Cup Final

On Sunday afternoon, the Women’s World Cup was awarded to Japan, after an amazing, exciting game between them and the United States.  And in the midst of the excitement and chaos and screaming and disappointment, the world tweeted. And tweeted some more, until the record for tweets per second previously set at the turn of …
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Clientspeak – Can You Speak Their Language?

Recently I posted about a client who was confused by the industry jargon that we had inadvertently allowed to  creep into the assessment document that we delivered to him.  I have been on the lookout since then for places where we can do a better job of explaining what we do, or what information we …
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Plain Talk in Client Reporting

During the process of getting to know a new client, and providing him with the early deliverables for his SEO campaign, he had a simple request.  Could we meet in person instead of by phone to discuss the project progress to date, and give him some help understanding the ‘jargon’ we used in the reports? …
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It’s Not the End of the World!

In case you live under a rock, I am going to tell you that according to Howard Camping, the world is scheduled to end on Saturday, May 21, at 6 PM local time.  Local to where ever you happen to live, by the way, because the beginning of the end is going to occur in …
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