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Turning Your Projects into Content

It’s 2013 and all bets are off when it comes to SEO tweaks and tricks. With a new year comes new strategies, and at the moment it’s all about producing high quality content. I’m talking about that head turning, juicy, delicious content you can’t help but sink your teeth into. The type of content even …
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The Overload Called Marketing


Much has been written about how marketing has changed over the past 15 years because the tools have changed. My question – has marketing really changed? I recently hosted a full day seminar and asked participants what they expected from our time together. I do this to make sure I cover the most requested areas …
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LinkedIn Saddles A Dark Horse


This month, business networking site, LinkedIn announced the acquisition of SlideShare for $118.8 million. SlideShare allows users to upload and share PowerPoint and other slide presentations with business users, either on the Slideshare site or embedded on blogs, websites and shared on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. SlideShare is sometimes known as the “dark horse of …
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Customer Service for the Holidays

During the week before Christmas, I had some free time, so I went to the local mall and did some window shopping.  I was browsing the sales for Lands End clothing in Sears, when I heard, over the store intercom, “Code 2, Lands End area.” I looked around for firemen or security personnel, and seeing …
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The Art and Science of SEO

The phrase ‘Art and Science‘ can aptly be applied to many things. Consider parenting, as an example.  There is no shortage of books on the science of parenting. Expectant parents can read them and commit them to memory, and some of the information is actually useful. The art of parenting involves getting to know the …
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Thanks for Everything


Tis the season for expressing gratitude, and we have much to be thankful for, here at Dinkum.  Our clients are the best and we are grateful to each one for trusting us to partner with them to raise the visibility of their websites. Rick, usually a man of many words, is thankful for “Great people …
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Social Networking the Old Fashioned Way

Last night, I attended a fundraiser for Family Promise of Gloucester County, Taste of South Jersey. I am on the planning committee for the event, and as a result was looking forward to having it behind me. It was very successful, with a sold out crowd, excellent food from great restaurants, and even a few …
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Tap Your Inner Creativity

Valeria Maltoni, author of Conversation Agent, is a prolific writer, and one that I admire. So when her blog post about “7 Ways to Make Writing Your Creative Habit” came through my email, I had to take a break and read. As usual I was not disappointed, and came away with an idea or two …
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The (Latte) Art of Customer-centric Business

Today Dinkum is pleased to welcome Guest Blogger, Whitney Hoffman! Sit back, read and enjoy. The online world shines a light on everything we do, personally or professionally.  This means your greatest successes and your greatest failures will be with you forever.  This double-edged sword on the Web means that you only have one choice …
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Facebook Friends Forever

By now you know that WHYY and NPR are a couple of my favorite ways to keep up with the world.  One of the reasons for this is that they cover cool stuff. They also drive traffic to their websites by letting you know, at the end of a broadcast segment, that you can find …
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