Jacob Smith

VP of Client Services

Fun Fact

Trained as a classical bassoonist.

Jacob joined Dinkum as a partner in 2010.  As VP of Client Services, Jacob serves as chief project manager and oversees technical implementation on all Dinkum projects. In the business for 9 years, Jacob has led hundreds of projects for a variety of corporate and non-profit clients, and thus is allowed to get away with talking a bit too much at certain meetings… before Paul cuts him off.

Recent Blogpost

Can You Have Too Much Information?


More and more studies are finding that too much choice leads to poorer decision making. Sounds crazy and contradictory, I know. I read a fascinating opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald (Dinkum has strong Australian roots, after all) by Andrew Leigh that summarised some interesting research on this topic. Here are the best bits:- …
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Setting a Culture For Success


If you feel challenged by change, you’re not alone. It’s a harsh truth that change is the new constant in our lives. Rogue management consultant, Steve Smolinsky, from Benari LTD argues companies need to acknowledge this fear and address it. “The vast majority of people, irrespective of culture, really don’t like change. They like to …
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Failure Is The Key To Success


Which is worse? Is it taking a risk and failing or not taking a risk at all? Failure can be a tough teacher but according to Apple founder, Steve Jobs, it’s important to success. During a commencement address at Stanford University he said: “I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired …
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The Secret to Never Running out of Blog Topic Ideas


At Dinkum, we often ask our clients to write blogs. Blogging is supposed to be pretty free-form and perhaps because of this, people can get stuck at the beginning of the process: what to write about. If I had to choose the single most common impediment for would-be bloggers, it’s not time but ideas. “I …
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Hologram Resurrection Goes Viral


This falls into the category of jaw-dropping ‘trend watch’. Heard of Coachella? It’s a music and arts festival held in Indio, CA that crosses many genres – rock, indie, hip hop and electronic – and has a reputation for pushing boundaries and trying new things. On Sunday night, it set the crowds and the Twittersphere …
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Chalk Another Win Up For Email Marketing


What is the preferred (and most effective) form of permissions-based marketing? Drumroll please… Email marketing wins again. In fact, it’s been winning for a long time and it doesn’t look as though this will change any time soon. Exact Target put out the 14th edition of their annual “Subscribers, Fans and Followers” survey series and …
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SEO Interest in Pinterest


The web often has a “flavor of the month” platform. Some stick around, others fall by the wayside. The latest biggie is visual sharing website Pinterest which has proven to be a geek gals BFF. While female dominated (there are some guy’s versions, my favorite being gentlemint.com), adoption of the system has been significant and, …
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Accountability: It’s Harder Than You Think


“It’s not my fault.” “It’s not my responsibility.” If these phrases are commonly heard in your organization, you’ve got a problem. Accountability is more than a word you throw around to sound credible. Rogue management consultant, Steve Smolinsky, from Benari LTD, believes it’s crucial to the optimal functioning of your organization. “It’s one of the …
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Chronicle of a Dangerous Conference Call


A week or two back, I teased Jennifer Fleming (our content maven) with the title of this blog by starting a draft in our WordPress admin. She simply *had* to know more about it! This incident tells you two things about my blogging process: The best part of my blogs are the titles. It takes …
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Feeling Distracted? Get Focused!


How crazy busy is life these days? If you’re like me, you’re constantly being pulled in different directions with many “things” competing for your attention. So, how do you get the necessary focus to get the big picture items done? Someone quite wise on this topic is Steve Smolinsky, who I describe as a rogue …
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