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Chalk Another Win Up For Email Marketing

by Jacob Smith On April 13, 2012

What is the preferred (and most effective) form of permissions-based marketing? Drumroll please… Email marketing wins again. In fact, it’s been winning for a long time and it doesn’t look as though this will change any time soon. Exact Target put out the 14th edition of their annual “Subscribers, Fans and Followers” survey series and … Read More

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Automated Emails That Pack A Punch

by Jacob Smith On February 22, 2012

I recently received two automated emails from Dreamhost and CloudFlare that reveal the power of a well structured message. We’ve used Dreamhost in the past but have switched most of our hosting to Voxel dot Net and we’re currently trialling CloudFlare. Here are the subject lines of the two emails: Both are good automated transactional … Read More

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Coming Full Circle: Is Google Entering the Email Marketing Business?

by Jacob Smith On January 3, 2012

Browsing around the Google Currents app on my new Galaxy Nexus toy/phone, I saw an article from TechCrunch that caught my eye: Google has been experimenting with a possible role with email subscription management. Google, of course, is the king of experimental projects. The Internet is littered with dozens of Google projects that made a … Read More

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Stepping Outside the Box for Email Marketing

On February 18, 2011

When Rick first asked me to use my marketing skills and write a newsletter to our clients and future clients, I was up for the challenge. What I wasn’t ready for was using MailChimp as the medium for the newsletter. When I asked about what I needed to do to create a newsletter in Mail … Read More

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