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Fixing a Visual Editor Problem by Taking the Slow Lane

by Jacob Smith On August 12, 2011

Have you ever gotten really stuck working with an application that is supposed to be easy, to the point that you want to rip your hair out or throw your Macbook Pro out of the window? Well, save for the MacBook Pro destruction aspect (that’s another story, relating to OSX Lion upgrades crashing my favorite … Read More

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Writing Your First Plugin for WordPress: A Primer

by Emiliano Jankowski On January 31, 2011

Writing Your First Plugin for WordPress: A Primer One of the great things about WordPress is the possibility to add your own custom functions/processes/enhancements without “touching” the core system. It is what we call a “plugin”. The WordPress definition of a plugin is as follows: “A WordPress Plugin is a program, or a set of … Read More

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