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WordPress v Squarespace v Wix v…

by Paul Fleming On May 16, 2024

Since the early Internet days, there have been plenty of options for building a website which can be a tad overwhelming for newbies. If you didn’t know HTML, there were even options back in the stone age. We remember Geocities back in 1994 as one of the original ways to create your website without requiring … Read More

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Agile Marketing, And What It Means for Real People with Feelings

by Jacob Smith On September 11, 2012

It’s generally not a smart idea to begin a company blogpost with a political opinion quote, but today I’m throwing caution to the wind to make this point: perfection ain’t all that it’s made up to be. New York Times opinion writer, Tom Friedman, describes the world as flatter, faster, and hotter than it used … Read More

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You’ve Got 4 Seconds: How to Hook Web Visitors

by Paul Fleming On August 28, 2012

It’s a cold, hard fact: people spend about 4 seconds looking at your website before deciding whether to stay or leave. So how can you hook visitors in that 4 seconds? What’s going on Above The Fold? Above the Fold – or ATF – is a graphic design concept that says the most important information … Read More

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Plain Talk in Client Reporting

by Guest Blogger On June 21, 2011

During the process of getting to know a new client, and providing him with the early deliverables for his SEO campaign, he had a simple request.  Could we meet in person instead of by phone to discuss the project progress to date, and give him some help understanding the ‘jargon’ we used in the reports? … Read More

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Writing Your First Plugin for WordPress: A Primer

by Emiliano Jankowski On January 31, 2011

Writing Your First Plugin for WordPress: A Primer One of the great things about WordPress is the possibility to add your own custom functions/processes/enhancements without “touching” the core system. It is what we call a “plugin”. The WordPress definition of a plugin is as follows: “A WordPress Plugin is a program, or a set of … Read More

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