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Fun Fact

Paul was a surf lifesaver at Colloroy and Whale Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Paul Fleming is one of the founders of Dinkum Interactive and brings extensive experience in the Online Marketing world with a strong emphasis in Search Engine Optimization. His background in education, communications and marketing have prepared him well for the fast pace of the online world. Nothing pleases him more than seeing a client achieve great success

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Trend Watch: 2011 iPhone App of the Year and Rey Mysterio

My friend’s seven year-old son recently sent me his Christmas wish list. Trends move quickly these days, especially for those in single digits, so I’m always prepared to buy something I’ve never heard of. This year’s request surprised me. Young Ben wants a WWE action figure. That’s WWE for World Wrestling Entertainment. Ben, it seems, …
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Google is Hiding Data from Us Under the Guise of Privacy

We recently mentioned that Google announced that they will be encrypting Search for Google users who are logged into their accounts and we are now starting to see some real impact from that. Some clients are being affected more than others. Ultimately it’s not a huge issue. Yes it’s absolutely annoying and frustrating but not …
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How to Get Inside Your Customer’s Mind

An ability to get inside your customer’s head and understand them is an important part of the sales process. In understanding them, you can anticipate their needs and solve their problems. Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest signing up for a psychology course because there’s an easier way to read their minds. And that’s …
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Google’s Panda is Not Cute Nor Cuddly for Some

For the uninitiated, Google has this algorithm that they use to judge the value of websites and to rank them accordingly. They’ve done a pretty good job of it too. It’s not perfect of course, there are plenty of poor search results, folks who game the system, poor quality websites that rank well, but for …
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5 Reasons to Create Compelling Content

Finding the motivation to continually create fresh content for web pages, blog posts, articles, press releases or infographics can be challenging. But there are many reasons to make it a priority. Compelling, optimized content should appeal to search engines and web users alike and our experience shows that regularly creating quality content increases the likelihood …
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Missing the Bulls-eye: Lessons from Target’s Spill

You’ve got to feel a little bit sorry for Target. The retailer managed to secure hot, hot, hot Italian designer, Missoni, to create a low-price, limited edition product range exclusively for Target. It generated gold publicity about the September 13th launch and even built a concept store at New York’s Fashion Week. And then it …
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Are You Giving Your Customers a Headache?

First, let me offer a content warning. I will be discussing telecommunications companies. Ordinarily, I don’t like talking/writing/thinking about telcos because they do my head in. But a friend had just arrived from Australia to live in NYC and the first thing she wanted to do was get her phone activated. She said she felt …
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How Habits Are Holding Your Company Back

I’m undertaking a bit of an experiment. After reading Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4-Hour Body, I’m changing what I eat for breakfast. In the past, I was a dedicated toast eater. I love the simplicity of toast. Drop your 7-grain slice into the slot and about a minute later, a deliciously light brown bit of …
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How Not To Do Social Media: Lessons From Anthony Weiner’s DM Fail

Anyone teaching social media now has a perfect case study of what not to do. All they need to say is: Anthony Weiner. The politician from New York and active social media user has gone straight into the Twitter Hall of Shame. What he did was just plain dumb. First up, a politician should know …
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Online Marketing with Dinkum – A Recipe for Success

When I was a young musician, my teacher insisted that I read “The Inner Game of Tennis.” I was skeptical at first, but in the end, it was far easier to digest and relate the game of tennis to my musical life than the contents of any musician’s manual. The following post is a dead …
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