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It’s about the process – not the technology

by Jacob Smith On January 20, 2011

Are you relying too much on technology to do the work for you, or are you still being creative and using technology to help you be even more creative? Read More


Five SEO Content Writing Tips To Improve Search Engine Ranking

by Guest Blogger On January 13, 2011

Search engines really like it when your keywords show up in the first 90 characters of the article or blog you are writing. And it’s not enough to have the keyword phrases show up just once. Read More

Technical SEO, Web Design

How to Make this the Last Time You Update the Copyright on your Website

by Jacob Smith On January 8, 2011

An outdated copyright speaks volume to the care and craft of a website – and as marketing becomes ever more “multi-channel”, maintaining a high level of quality control is incredibly important to your brand and to your long-term marketing success. Read More


A Review of the WordPress SEO Plugin

by Paul Fleming On January 6, 2011

After working with the All-in-One-SEO plugin for WordPress for a few years now, we’ve seen a new player enter the space in the form of WordPress developer/blogger/speaker Yoast who has released his WordPress SEO plugin. For those who follow Joost de Valk, you’ll be very aware that he has some very strong opinions but for … Read More

Social Media

Social Media Experiment Provides Some Interesting Observations

by Guest Blogger On January 4, 2011

Students reported feeling less stress during the black-out week, some using the time they would have spent on social media activities to work on homework, exercise or sleep. Read More

Digital PR

Optimized Press Releases and Public Relations

by Paul Fleming On December 30, 2010

It’s important that we adjust the press release enough to differentiate between our distribution and theirs. It’s not that we don’t care how many people read the press release; in fact, we encourage it, but this is not our primary objective. We want incoming links. We want controlled anchor text. Increased visibility is merely an added bonus. Read More

Internet Marketing

Predictions for web / SEO / mobile marketing in 2011

by Jacob Smith On December 28, 2010

The last shift is more movement towards what buyers want from the sellers. They want reviews, they want to interact with someone instead of a computer. If you have not figured out how to use some of the tools still affectionately called social media tools then you better figure it out. Read More


Inside the Dinkum War-Room: How Our Growing Team Collaborates Each Day (and Night!)

by Jacob Smith On December 23, 2010

The key to successful collaboration, whether it is with clients or colleagues, is a mix of two things: organization and communication. Whatever helps you do that best is probably the tool you should be using. Read More

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