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A Few of My Daily SEO Tools

by Paul Fleming On January 8, 2020

Note: Originally posted in 2011 but updated for 2020! We all have our own little way of doing things to make our professional lives easier or better or clearer. Sometimes these are tools that we have stumbled across, other times recommendations from friends or colleagues and other websites or blogs similar to this one. One … Read More

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Launching a New Website – 3 Steps to Prevent the SEO Drop

by Paul Fleming On December 5, 2018

With all the information available, it seems that some of it still gets lost in translation. When it comes to SEO we are well aware that there is plenty of incorrect information but while it’s been around for some time, plus the fact that there continues to be more and more experts touting SEO knowledge, … Read More

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SEO Health Data: Google Analytics

by Paul Fleming On June 20, 2017

A true digital performance issue that we come across often is overall poor digital health. Much like our own health, the annual checkup is pretty important, in some cases it’s essential. So we take the same approach to digital health by monitoring it on a daily basis, reviewing it weekly and then reporting on it … Read More

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SEO Sustainability

by Paul Fleming On February 4, 2013

As a long-term strategy, SEO is a good one. You shouldn’t necessarily be expecting that your SEO campaign is going to be an overnight hit (sometimes happens but rare) but you should also expect that the actions you do throughout your campaign, should last a long time and continue to grow. We’ve always appropriately pushed … Read More


Keeping Our Eye on Google

by Paul Fleming On September 25, 2012

Nobody’s perfect and no service is perfect, especially in the tech world where new services and offerings are a regular occurrence. Some launches are downright awful – others are groundbreaking. And even the groundbreaking ones were once a work in progress. It’s not uncommon for an Apple product launch to be riddled with issues including … Read More

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Our Favorite Search Marketing Google Analytics Custom Report

by Paul Fleming On June 12, 2012

Analytics has always been an important part of what we do. It’s the foundation of our campaigns whether for an SEO strategy, PPC or website redesign project. Analytics tell us a lot about what we do, who our client really is (sometimes more than our client does), helps us plan, helps us adjust and ultimately … Read More

Paid Search, SEO

Pay-Per-Click: is it for you?

by Kerrilynn On June 5, 2012

It’s the dream of most websites – volumes of traffic seeking your product or service. At Dinkum, we use a variety of techniques to drive visitors in your direction and one of the tools we’re getting some great results with is Google Adwords and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies. This is why:- Price: Compared with other … Read More


Dinkum’s Take on the Penguin and Panda Updates

by Paul Fleming On May 22, 2012

Last year, it was Panda. Now, it’s Penguin. Both are cute black and white animals, but also the names of Google’s changes to its algorithm that determine search results. It’s part of an effort to remove spammy websites and systems set up to game them, and fighting techniques well-known to the SEO community as gray/black … Read More

SEO, Social Media

SEO Interest in Pinterest

by Jacob Smith On April 11, 2012

The web often has a “flavor of the month” platform. Some stick around, others fall by the wayside. The latest biggie is visual sharing website Pinterest which has proven to be a geek gals BFF. While female dominated (there are some guy’s versions, my favorite being, adoption of the system has been significant and, … Read More

Internet Marketing, SEO

The Evolution of SEO Debate

by Jacob Smith On February 29, 2012

In a recent blog post, I discussed the evolution of Dinkum Interactive. I argued this evolution has come about because of the growing maturity of the industry and the value we want to give our clients. Some misunderstood this as denouncing the value of SEO which is not true at all. As an Internet Marketing … Read More

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