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Are You Noticing The Patterns?

by Paul Fleming On May 23, 2012

When researching an article about Klout, an algorithm that measures your alleged social media influence, I discovered how Klout’s founder, Joe Fernandez, came up with the idea. Turns out, he had to have his jaw rewired and couldn’t talk for 3 months. His communication outlet during the time of silence was Facebook. According to a … Read More

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LinkedIn Saddles A Dark Horse

by Guest Blogger On May 18, 2012

This month, business networking site, LinkedIn announced the acquisition of SlideShare for $118.8 million. SlideShare allows users to upload and share PowerPoint and other slide presentations with business users, either on the Slideshare site or embedded on blogs, websites and shared on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. SlideShare is sometimes known as the “dark horse of … Read More

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Internet Marketing Throwdown: Adwords vs Google+

by Jacob Smith On May 15, 2012

The past few months have been very busy and interesting at Dinkum. Not only have we continued to grow very quickly (another 50% this year seems likely), but the Internet has become more complicated as well. The compounding effect is that all of our clients (large and small) are looking to deploy more impactful campaigns … Read More

Google: Hangouts on Air
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The Power Of Google+ Hangouts On Air

by Paul Fleming On May 11, 2012

For the longest time, Hangouts On Air on Google+ was for a limited number of people. I was one of the lucky ones who had a chance to beta test it while it was in its infancy. Now it’s open to the public and the creativity and innovation on Google+ has grown exponentially. People are … Read More

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Should you worry about your Klout score?

by Jacob Smith On May 4, 2012

Have you heard of Klout? In its own words “Klout measures influence online using data from your social networks. Anywhere you have an online presence, you have the opportunity to influence people by creating or sharing content that inspires actions such as likes, retweets, comments and more. The more engagement your posts receive, the more … Read More

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Can You Have Too Much Information?

by Jacob Smith On April 25, 2012

More and more studies are finding that too much choice leads to poorer decision making. Sounds crazy and contradictory, I know. I read a fascinating opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald (Dinkum has strong Australian roots, after all) by Andrew Leigh that summarised some interesting research on this topic. Here are the best bits:- … Read More

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SEO Interest in Pinterest

by Jacob Smith On April 11, 2012

The web often has a “flavor of the month” platform. Some stick around, others fall by the wayside. The latest biggie is visual sharing website Pinterest which has proven to be a geek gals BFF. While female dominated (there are some guy’s versions, my favorite being, adoption of the system has been significant and, … Read More

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Internet Marketing Lessons From KONY2012

by Jacob Smith On March 21, 2012

With more than 100 million views, KONY2012 has certainly captured worldwide attention. Don’t know what I’m talking about? In brief, US-based organization called ‘Invisible Children’ created a thirty minute video and campaign to highlight the plight of Ugandan children stolen from their families and enlisted as child soldiers. The man responsible for the kidnapping and … Read More

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How Bret Easton Ellis Uses Twitter

by Jacob Smith On March 13, 2012

Best-selling, controversial writer, Bret Easton Ellis, set the Twitterverse alight over the weekend. For around five hours, he mused on what his American Psycho character, Patrick Bateman, might be up to these days and managed to gather fourteen pages of notes from his followers. Ellis tweeted: “1.00 am in LA and sitting at my desk … Read More

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Have I Got Your Pinterest?

by Jacob Smith On February 10, 2012

There’s a new social media platform that’s broken through the pack. It’s called ‘Pinterest’ and works like a virtual pin board. See a cute picture or image you want to share? Easy. Simply ‘pin’ it to Pinterest and others can see it and share it. It seems everyone loves a photo. The platform is easy … Read More

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