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Big Decisions, Short Attention Spans

by Jacob Smith On February 24, 2012

I was flicking through a book (I know, how old school) by Eric Knight called ‘Reframe’ and enjoyed reading about a classic psychological test. Created in the 1930’s by Karl Duncker, the test features a box of wall tacks, a candle and box of matches sitting on a table. The task? How to fix the … Read More

Email marketing

Automated Emails That Pack A Punch

by Jacob Smith On February 22, 2012

I recently received two automated emails from Dreamhost and CloudFlare that reveal the power of a well structured message. We’ve used Dreamhost in the past but have switched most of our hosting to Voxel dot Net and we’re currently trialling CloudFlare. Here are the subject lines of the two emails: Both are good automated transactional … Read More


Vitamins or Painkillers?

by Jacob Smith On February 17, 2012

Is your product or service a ‘vitamin’ or a ‘painkiller’? Let me explain. Vitamins are ‘nice to have’ whereas painkillers are a ‘must have’. People pay for painkillers. I know the analogy is a little shaky because vitamins are thought of as ‘good for you’ whereas painkillers are potentially addictive. But the terminology is arresting … Read More


3 Easy Ways to be Proactive

by Jacob Smith On February 15, 2012

The switch was flicked and the light went on. It was a lightbulb moment. It happened during our regular Team Dinkum project meeting. After running through our current projects and working out where we were up to, Jacob offered a valuable insight. He said, rather than simply responding to our clients needs, let’s come up … Read More

Internet Marketing

Is Your Website at the Center of Your Internet Universe?

by Jacob Smith On February 14, 2012

Most of the Dinkum team is in a philosophical frame of mind – including yours truly – since working on an eBook for our clients. Luckily, we have a lot of exciting client work (and Dinkum work) to do which means there’s little chance I’ll be re-reading my college library of German existentialism or attending … Read More

Social Media

Have I Got Your Pinterest?

by Jacob Smith On February 10, 2012

There’s a new social media platform that’s broken through the pack. It’s called ‘Pinterest’ and works like a virtual pin board. See a cute picture or image you want to share? Easy. Simply ‘pin’ it to Pinterest and others can see it and share it. It seems everyone loves a photo. The platform is easy … Read More


Social Media Lessons For CEOs and Nonprofits

by Jacob Smith On February 8, 2012

In the past two weeks, I attended two conferences that were world’s apart but linked. One was focused on large, profitable companies. The other involved nonprofits. They both discussed social media. The first conference featured CEOs, many of whom are grappling with the use of social media within their organizations. Each CEO had a bit … Read More

Analytics, Internet Marketing

Finding the Data in (not provided)

by Jacob Smith On February 7, 2012

We have previously discussed the ominous (not provided) that shows up in Google Analytics after Google decided to withhold the search data of users logged into Google account. Rather than come down on one side of the debate, Dave Davies‘ blog post for Search Engine Watch has some useful tips and ideas on how to … Read More

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